What Software Can Help Poker Players in 2023?

Software is used everywhere we turn. Whether you’re ordering a gift online, doing your online shopping or comparing insurances, software is the bread and butter of online activity. But have you ever stopped to consider what role software can play in a recreational poker players day? In this article, we’ll take a lot software and how it aids poker players in 2023 and no doubt help them in the future too.


Google’s ChatGPT product has been sweeping the world with its wide range of use. It’s application is far reaching, even extending to poker. This AI can answer questions from as basic as “what are the rules of poker?” to explaining how game theory optimal poker works. As such, more and more poker players are using the software to develop their poker skills. Whilst the software is undoubtedly helpful, there are limitations though as this ChatGPT poker article says “it lacks intermediate to advanced knowledge of poker strategy”. Therefore, be careful using it if you’re already an experienced player.

Range Analysis

Solvers are prevalent in the online poker scene with most part-time players and even social gamblers using it. The software allows player to find solutions to problems after a session. There are several reputable range analysis software providers around but don’t just buy any, research before you buy.

Heads Up Displays (HUDs)

A HUD is real time software that tracks key data from gameplay. It is then expressed percentages which helps players gain information on their rivals. The software has been around many years and is a controversial topic among seasoned players and professionals. The reason is due to the fact that some sites are now banning its usage. This is due to the fact traffic numbers drop where HUDs are permitted as it increases the edge of grinders who gain advantages over recreational players who don’t use HUDs. If you’re considering using a HUD, make sure you check the poker platforms terms and conditions to see if you’re allowed, otherwise you risk a ban.


Poker Bots

Lastly, we come to AI poker bots. Another tool that has been round for some years, a poker bot is a piece of software that plays online poker for you. To create a bot requires a technological mind and a lot of time though. After all, the bot is only as clever as you make it to be. As cool as poker bots sound, they’re not especially sophisticated. They certainly wouldn’t beat humans at a mid-stakes or above so you’ll only really see their usage in the lowest stakes games and to churn rakeback. This is a percentage of each pot a player can earn as a reward for being loyal to the platform and playing lots.

Bankroll Tracker Apps

There are dozens of decent budget apps on android and iPhone and luckily for poker enthusiasts, there are also bankroll management apps. These apps are an effective way to monitor ones results, keep tabs on the number of hours they play and more. For instance, most of these bankroll apps have the ability to share data like overall winnings, hourly win rate and how many big blinds are won per 100. The insights you can glean from this data can then be used to help determine what game to play and when. Pretty neat eh?


As you can see, there are several pieces of poker software available to the modern player. All of them are practical and relatively inexpensive but does it take away from the human experience? Should poker always be a “people game”? The application of software can certainly help players learn the rules, develop their game and improve as a player, but at what cost?

Ultimately, we think software should be a tool to use for studying and not assisting players in real time. If software is allowed to help poker players in real time, there is a danger it could kill games and harm the poker industry. That’s why we are in favour of the banning of HUDs on poker platforms as it keeps poker interesting for recreational players. They’re already swimming upstream against better players, why make it even harder for them?