What are the pros and cons of building a single page application?

Only an app developer can understand the science behind dealing with the client’s request. With numerous applications being released every now and then, we get to see various kinds of interfaces and the fact of how each application is different from each other is what amazes the users. Similarly, there are different types of applications that may vary from a single page or a multi-page. If you have a client who insists you to go for a single page application development, then here’s what you need to tell them about the pros and cons that come with it.

Pros of Single Page Applications

1. Quick

The loading time in a single page application is relatively less as compared to a multiple page application, as there is only the desired content right in front of you to deal with. This eventually leads to faster responsive designs and allows quick interaction resulting in better user experience.

2. Adjustable Layout

The best part about single page application is that they can easily be used as a mobile app or on a mobile browser. If you want your users to have access to the web version of your app, a single-page is the way to go.

3. User-Friendly

Single-page applications have a tendency to give the users an experience of a lifetime as these applications give a first-rate interactive understanding of where all users need is to scroll down and enjoy the effects to reach their goal.

Cons of Single Page Applications

4. Poor Link Sharing

From a development perspective, it can get pretty difficult to share the URL of a single page application as the URL address is only limited to one address. Therefore, it halts the sharing of a bigger content.

5. Development Difficulties

Because the single page application is relatively new and advanced than the conventional application type, it may require a complete knowledge and various efforts to troubleshoot. An experienced team may be required to deal with different aspects of an application during the development process. Some of these include Webpack, NPM, Gulp and so on.

6. SEO Optimization

If you are looking for something that provides SEO optimization then dealing with a single page application is something that doesn’t work very well. This is because single-page applications tend to work with JavaScript loading, hence, they do not have the ability for SEO Optimization.


All websites and applications have their own pros and cons but if you are in a situation of choosing any specific type for your business, then it is suggested to focus on the goal of your business and the type of work you offer. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll easily be able to understand and select the type of application you might want to opt for. Hope the above-stated pros and cons have made up your mind as to which kinds of application would better suit your business needs.