The Ultimate Guide to Website Design 2021

Graphic design is constantly changing and evolving.  Knowing the trends and top web designs for 2021 can help you stand out from the crowd and steal the show in the remaining months of this year.  This will propel you to include goals for website design that will help you make the most of the benefits of web design as you look forward to the coming new year.

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What is Web Design?

One aspect of marketing that can help increase engagement and conversion of your potential customer’s designs.  It is an asset that plays a big part in your branding.  The reason for this is that your customers will notice the user interface, design, colors, and other elements of design before the copy.

Web design allows you to use the elements of design to make your website professional looking to increase customer engagement and prevent them from clicking off your site.  It focuses on the user interface and user experience aspects of website development.

What Are the Elements of a Good Website Design?

A good web design is a design that converts visitors into users and users into paying customers or to whatever action you like your users to do when they visit your site.  Conversions can also include signing up for a newsletter or opening an account or accessing more content on the website.

The elements of a web design from 99 Designs that will help bring conversions for your business or organization include:

  • Compelling use of negative space
  • Clearly presented choices for the user (the fewer choices the user has, the less likely they are to become overwhelmed and confused)
  • Obvious, clear calls to action
  • Limited distractions and a well-thought-out user journey through:
  • Using only images and text that are 100% relevant to the subject on the page
  • Features buttons that lead to desired actions
  • Using font variations for emphasis and calls to action and not just for the sake of featuring different fonts
  • Responsive design or a design that resizes and reorients itself to the user’s screen. The website should be easy to use across digital devices like a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop browser.
  • Appropriately sized fonts that follow a hierarchy
  • Relevant, high-quality content and images that capture your user’s attention
  • A balance between the amount of text and images on each page

The aesthetic design of your website has a great impact on how your users respond to what they see, and therefore, impacts their decision-making as well.  Use images and videos that speak personally about your products, services, and your brand.

Make your website speak to your users.  Your website should be your digital speaker for your brand.  So, make it as attractive as you can if you want to increase conversions.  Maximize the use of your buttons, fonts, color palette, and the visual balance between your images and copy on each page of your site.  Make them engaging and fitting for your brands’ voice.

What Are the Basic Web Design Principles?

When you want to create a web design that will help you achieve your marketing goals, you should not just rely on your gut feelings.  So, how will you know if your web design creative work is good enough?

Consider these three web design principles:

1. Audience

A great web design is user-friendly and appeals to your target audience.  This means you should consider how you shape every visual, structural, and content for your website.  Always answer this question when you design your website: who is it for?

2. Technology

A great website is responsive, fast, and accessible.  Put your unique skills together to make the best possible website that will stay for a long time.

3.  UX/User Experience

UX is part of the design, structure, development, and practically all aspects of a website.  Some simple ways to make your website up to snuff include:

  • Getting customers to the CTA
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Making it easy to find information needed

What is the Most Important Thing in Website Design?

Make your website design great by not just focusing on the fantastic look but also on the simplicity and the intuitiveness of its usage.  Take careful consideration of the web design elements and principles mentioned in this ultimate guide to website design.  Likewise, keep on top of emerging web design trends, too.