Social Media Marketing Hacks for SaaS Startups

Selling software as a service is different from selling products. In fact, you may find it challenging as you have to convince B2B leaders about the value of your offering. But the right marketing strategies can do the trick. Social media marketing plays a significant role in SaaS promotions. It is even more crucial for startups that need to broaden their outreach and build brand credibility on a budget. But creating a perfect strategy without breaking the bank is challenging. You may find the money constraints pressing, but going slack with them is not a choice in the competitive space. Here are the best social media marketing hacks to fuel your SaaS startup’s growth.

Know the platforms

Knowing the platforms and choosing the apt ones for your campaign is the key to success with social media marketing. You cannot expect to find your target audience on all platforms as they choose according to the niche. The SaaS target buyers mostly frequent LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Finding your target platforms enables you to run deep instead of broad with your campaigns. You have better chances of success with this approach. 

Prioritize awareness 

SaaS products may be complex for an average non-tech customer, but they may still want to buy them for their business. Creating awareness through your content can drive purchase decisions. Ensure your social media posts educate users instead of compelling them to buy, said Sarah Mae Ives, an Entrepreneur, an Facebook™ Ads expert and coach helping women entrepreneurs create the social media ads strategy to scale their businesses. In 2006, she graduated from Carleton University with her M.A. in sociology and anthropology. She is a devoted mom who lives in the Greater Ottawa Metro Area in Ontario, Canada. Sarah’s clients have been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur as well as on The Today Show. Inform them about the value and features of your products and services. Once you pick their interest, they will surely want to know more.

Utilize visuals

Integrating videos into your social media campaigns can elevate your SaaS startup sooner than later. Consider adding interest to your posts with high-quality images, informative infographics, and attention-grabbing Gifs. A strategic video marketing campaign on YouTube is an excellent way to get attention. Create compelling videos like how-to explainers, brand stories, and product reviews. Also, pay attention to the thumbnail of your video as it pushes the user to open and view it. The more visuals you use, the better your chances to sell your offerings and build your SaaS brand.

Collaborate with tech influencers

Collaborating with influencers may sound pressing for your startup budget, but it is a worthwhile strategy. Even as you pay a tech influencer to endorse your SaaS offering, they ensure the broadest visibility and outreach to your target audience. You may never be able to achieve these goals alone, no matter how hard you try. Consider partnering with mid-level influencers, to begin with, though you can switch to top ones later when you have a bigger budget.

Leverage user-generated content

Besides picket star endorsers for your SaaS offerings, you can spend less yet get more by leveraging user-generated content (UGC). Essentially, these are the word-of-mouth recommendations of your current clients to potential ones. You may have a few positive reviews even as a startup, so go ahead and promote them on social media. You can create some graphics or even post video interviews of happy clients to make the most out of UGC. 

Acing the social media marketing game for your SaaS startup is easy, provided you get creative and follow your audience on the relevant channels. Remember to understand the difference between SaaS promotions and consumer goods marketing. You will be in a far better place to create successful social campaigns.