Selecting The Right Custom Software Developers

Choosing a software development company that meets your unique business requirements can be a challenge. Here are some hints and tips to find IT support in Glasgow and how to make sure that the company you choose will provide an excellent return on investment.

1. Referrals are essential

Don’t trust marketing blurbs on websites or sales pitches. The best way to ensure that you will be dealing with a software development company that meets or exceeds your expectations is to ask for recommendations from your network. It’ll make the process of selection less time-consuming – but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting honest feedback on past performance.

2. Discuss coding quality

The quality of the coding that is undertaken by your custom software developers is at the foundation of a quality application. You can take advice from expert coding developer from Make sure to set out your criteria for success. Make those guidelines part of any written agreement.

Performance criteria like

  • No resource-hungry or buggy coding.
  • the importance of lean coding.

3. Review the Portfolio

Ask for details of past projects. This will provide some insight into areas of expertise and competencies. This is important.

An experienced software development company such as EcDev Studio will have worked on a multitude of different projects. They will have developed a unique methodology and approach. Newer software development companies may still be refining their approach – and this can spell trouble down the road. You do not want to be in a position where you are the Guuinnee Pig – especially when mission-critical software needs to be developed quickly and efficiently.

It’s always useful to consider the scope of the software development project. Make sure that the development company is comfortable with that scope – they may very well not have the personnel or skillset to handle larger and more complex development projects – especially those that will require multi-enterprise rollout or projects that will run for over 12 months.

4. Familiarize yourself with Multiple Software Systems.

Software development systems and languages such as UNIX and Windows-based tools have both strengths and weaknesses – and each of these tools is suitable for a particular type of application. Only by becoming familiar with them will you be able to brief a custom software development company and have an insight into how the project is progressing.

This knowledge will also allow you to gauge if the company you are evaluating has the right skill set – and is, therefore, is the right fit for the job. If you require a specific software system to be sued make sure the software developers have experience in using it.

5. Agreeing on Delivery Parameters

When reviewing the past performance of the software development company make sure that you take note of their track record of delivering a completed project on time. Take into account the time that will be spent testing the product and debugging. Also, note that it will take time for employees to familiarize themself with any new system.

Make sure to set the deadline for delivery during initial negotiations. And ensure that there are penalties relating to missed deadlines or missed milestones.

6. Communication is Key

A team of nerds sitting in a room with the curtains drawn is not going to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Coding is vitally important – but so is communication. Without regular updates that are clear and concise, you will soon find yourself out of touch with what is going on – and then it is a slippery slope to missed deadlines and sub-standard results. The coding team (and their management) needs to be responsive to inquiries and requests for discussion. Only if this is part of the offering will your business achieve its strategic goals.

7. Clarify Ownership

the last thing your business needs is to lose a competitive edge by having the competition end up using the custom-built software you commissioned and paid for. Make sure that ownership is set out in detail in the agreement that you sign with the developers. Conflicts over ownership are extremely detrimental. Make sure that the agreement is reviewed by a qualified legal expert and complies with all local and national licensing regulations.