Psychometric test: The test to check the candidate before employing him

For the HR team the recruitment is the task that is most important one. For every business it is needed to have right people on board that can help the business keep on going. There are ample profiles in the market which one can get applications from as soon as the vacancy is declared. The profiles usually are in large numbers and even the team of HR cannot get enough time to evaluate each profile. 

They need not only support staff to judge the profiles but also need to have tools and techniques that can help them to find the right profile for a specific job. The psychometric test is one such tool that can help the HR get the desired profile on a specific job. It is needed in this era not only to judge the people but also to find the best profiles from all. There are also other tools available like this test with various benefits that are used in the field of HR.

Though the HR prefers to check the background of the candidate and know his skills and experience, there is one more thing which his much important. It is the mindset of the people also known as attributes. One may react in a specific situation as per his mindset and hence for an HR it is much important to know what will be the stand of a particular person if he is assigned with some important duties. 

The test which is known as Psychometric test is taken in two ways which are known as offline and online ways. In the offline option the HR provides the candidate with the paper and other things that are necessary for the test. The candidate is also provided with the date and location for the test. In case of online test the employer offers the credentials for the logging in the site. The online test is much preferable for the candidates who are not able to visit the office. They can be checked by the test even if the candidate is able to appear remotely only.

The types:

The test can be taken offline or online as well. Those organizations who cannot afford the online test can also arrange for the offline test. The test has questions which are developed by the experts in a way that can help them to know the skills and attributes. The attributes can be known with the help of these questions. However, to help the recruiter there is a score given to each question and answer. Those who are able to score the minimum marks or as per the parameters the HR can take him to further rounds of interview or ask him for further process to join the organization.

The online test is a little different one than the offline one. The online test is easy to take and provide with the result. The test is provided with the paper that can be checked on the screen of the computer. One can go for the ready to use test in this field or can get a specific test designed by the expert as per the need of the business. As the term shows it is an online test which means one needs to go to the site and appear in the test. The candidates for this test are given with the required credentials that can help to log on the site and answer the test. On the screen after the log on, the candidate can see various instructions related to the test. He can see various sections available with different questions. He needs to complete the test within a predefined time which is also mentioned there. There is also a timer working which helps the candidate know the remaining time and go for the test accordingly.

The offline psychometric test is just like a routine test which people appear during education. The paper is prepared by the experts and usually the candidates are asked to come for the test to a specific venue which may be the office of the employer or any other location.

The question paper is given in a booklet form where all the questions are there with the multiple choice options. The candidate needs to select one option and go for the answer of the same in the sheet provided during the test. In this test also the questions are from different aspects and prepared by the experts who can know the attributes of the candidate with the help of the answers provided in the sheet. Each question here is provided with a score and as per the total score of the candidate the HR decides further process if he wants to hire or go for some more tests and procedure.

Why go for the test?

For an HR it is difficult to check the inner qualities of any candidate. If he hires one and rejects another he may have to face the question of being biased. To avoid such situation and have better staff on board, it is necessary for him to have a concrete base of hiring someone. This test can offer that base as it is prepared by experts in the industry. The questions asked in the test are turned and twisted in a way that can know the person by his nature and attributes. It is a scientific way to hire the best of the class people available from a huge chunk. 

If it is a time for mass recruitment, this type of test can prove much useful as with the help of the same it becomes easy to eliminate those who do not fit the criteria of hiring by the company. In many cases there are specific requirements of a job which may be much different than similar position in other companies and to avoid the wrong person in getting a position one needs to take help of such a test which can offer the best people for any job.