List of the Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Kansas

Kansas is the reminiscent place of America, the classic cowboy and prairie place for tourists. If you are looking for a place to have a great time and get closer to American roots, Kansas is the perfect spot to begin with. Its history and present give you a real grasp of the values and their roots. But what if you don’t want to be a tourist?

It is fair to say that many people recognize relocations as a new start for their careers and lives. When choosing the state to reside in, you are not limited to the practicality of it. Besides the beautiful scenery and rich history, Kansas can offer you various jobs that can fulfill your needs. It would be true to say that job market trends are not much different from other states.

At the same time, if you know what you want to do, you will never get lost in the land of parks and reservations. Do not hesitate to contact a resume editing on Skillhub to perfect your CV and prepare you with career advice for young professionals that you might be looking for. It is easier to get into a position when your resume reflects your skills and readiness to jump on board.

When to Change a Career?

Back in the day, it was believed that once you cross the threshold of your office, you stay there till your retirement. Many people still accept such fate if they manage to find a job they love from the first attempt. However, it is not the same for many people who either just begin their career journey or feel they were pressured to make a decision too fast.

As well, many people would change their position if they feel unfulfilled. The job raise or appraisal of their chief in the office is something they never heard of. Or, after a year of isolation, you need to get back on track, and it is hard to find a decent salary with jobs that pay right away or seasonal jobs that would cover all your needs. Looking for the best options is also a form of self-care.

How to Increase Your Chances to Land a Job?

  • Make a list of occupations you wish to explore;
  • Narrow down your list to several key ones;
  • Evaluate your chances to get a degree or certificates that would provide you with knowledge;
  • Learn all tips and tricks of perfect resume writing and always keep your CV updated and fresh;
  • Send as many applications as you can to increase chances of positive response, but don’t forget to modify your resume appropriately;
  • Keep your options open;

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Kansas

Kansas is famous for its agriculture and manufacturing industry. Many people argue meatpacking and dairy are the two leading sectors of the state. Kansas is one of the leaders in supplying raw materials.

However, the highest paying industries remain the same for the state as for many others. It is health care system professionals, independent companies’ CEOs, and sales managers. Here is the list of the most desirable and best-paying jobs.

Healthcare practitioners

  • Average salary varies according to the profession, from $100k to $300k

Without a doubt, the health care system requires new faces and professionals. You would dedicate your whole life to mastering your profession, but you get to save people’s lives in return. It is a rewarding and demanding role with many benefits and opportunities.

Chief executives

  • Average salary from $202k

Being a CEO may sound like a dream to someone and nothing to others. CEOs determine and formulate policies for the company. They direct the route of development and manage all processes. It is possible to get into a position after several years of working toward it or proving you have what it takes to lead the company to success.

Both private and public companies in Kansas state look for highly skilled and talented directors.

Sales managers

  • Average salary $153k

Sales managers are the ones who know everything about the company’s kitchen and know how to create income. Sales managers are responsible for planning, training, and other aspects of company employees’ function. If you are a natural-born leader, this position will suit you the best.

Financial and marketing managers

  • Average salary varies from $154k

Success can’t be achieved without financial and marketing specialists. Both positions have high demand and are rewarding in terms of social benefits and salary. Both positions are responsible for the company’s functioning and sticking to policies and standards.

IT specialists

  • Average salary from $90k

IT is a vast field that is always growing and developing in favor of progress. You can join the company as a software developer or work on hardware. Many IT industries also value project managers and other competent specialists. Even if you are savvy in writing, you can contribute to product development and be a part of a large industry.

Natural science specialists

  • Average salary from $130k

As a leader of the agriculture and manufacturing industries, Kansas needs various specialists in natural sciences. The specialists would be a part of the research and development facilities of the state. It includes statistics, biotechnology, engineering, and other fields.

Many positions involve engineering and environmental education. These positions include not only high salaries but social benefits, leaves, and paid holidays. It is a perfect opportunity to join the field you are interested in and get a high-quality job.

Food scientists and technologists

  • Average salary $95k

Kansas companies and organizations pay food scientists and technologists more than the national average. It is a logical trend, as Kansas is the heart of dairy and meat production. Therefore, it is perfect for specialists to pay attention to the offers from KS.

To Sum Up

If you are ready to brush your resume and get used to Kansas’s picturesque scenery, you should start looking for jobs right now. Kansas offers more benefits to workers of essential industries in comparison to other states.