How To Hide Photos & Videos on an iPhone the Easy Way?

We all like to share photos and videos with friends or family, but there are also times when some pictures or videos are meant to be hidden. That’s why we think a very good idea is to try and hide those pics or even videos in a clever way. Apple made it very easy to hide that content if you want, and the process you can use to hide everything is not overly complex. Which is why we made a quick list to help you hide everything the rightful way.

A simple way to hide photos on iOS devices

  • Go to Photos and here you can select the video or photo you want to hide right now.
  • After that, you can press Tap More and then tap Hide
  • You will need to confirm that you want to hide that photo or video. Remember that you can still unhide that content if you want. But it’s a great idea to prevent any rush and select all the images and videos properly.

How can you unhide photos?

Maybe you don’t want to hide those photos or videos anymore, or you accidentally hid them in the first place. That does happen, so the best approach here is to enter Photos, and then tap the Albums tab. Here you want to enter Utilities and tap Hidden.

You will need to use Touch or Face ID in order to unlock the hidden album. Once you do that, you will enter a list of videos or photos that you can unhide. Press the More button and there you can press unhide.

How can you find a hidden album?

In some cases you want to hide more than just your photos and videos. You may need to hide an entire album, in which case you can go to Photos/Album and there in utilities look for that hidden album. If you want to turn off the hidden album, you can scroll down and turn the Hidden Album off from Settings/Photos. Use that and the results can be very impressive every single time.

Using third party apps

Third party apps can also help you hide images and videos too, which is why it can be a great idea to check them out for yourself. The benefit here is that not only will you customize what photos you can use and what images might help, but the process can be very cohesive and interesting.

What third party apps work differs based on a multitude of factors. But there are some great apps like KYMS, TouchyNotes, KeepSafe or HiddenVault that can help ensure specific images and videos will not be accessible. That can eliminate problems, while still making the process very convenient and interesting.

These are great ideas if you’re looking to hide photos or videos, while still making them very easy to access. At the end of the day, hiding photos is always going to be easy, and it’s one of those great experiences that gives you more control over your images. Using third party apps can be an option, and you’ll find it to be incredibly powerful if you always want to hide certain images. Just follow all the instruction sets above!