How to build digital “word-of-mouth” for your SME

When you recommend a restaurant through an online review or praise your favourite fashion label for your outfit, you know intuitively why word of mouth marketing works. Have people listened to your suggestions? Perhaps after that, they became loyal consumers through tried and tested digital marketing efforts.

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Doing so will expand your customer base and result in positive reviews through word of mouth and social media. You can get better results for your business and avoid facing unhappy customers if you strategically prepare, include, and repackage user-generated content.

Why is word-of-mouth marketing important for SMEs?

It’s a very important marketing campaign to attract would be customers. What’s the reason? A satisfied customer may influence potential customers’ buying decisions through online reviews.

If you can convince satisfied customers with word of mouth recommendations, you’ll have a higher chance of improving sales. It is unfortunate to experience negative customer feedback as it stands in the way of successful customer acquisition.

Let’s examine the benefits of word of mouth advertising as an effective marketing strategy.

Earn long-term brand loyalty

Encouraging conversation among your loyal followers is key to building successful customer relations. Some online retailers use hashtags on social media platforms as a marketing strategy. That is just one example of how well word of mouth works today. This type of mouth marketing strategy encourages user-generated content, which can take the form of a social media post.

Increase revenue

The key to success and increased revenue for any company will be to build a strong base of loyal clients through word of mouth recommendations. In turn, it will lead to a positive customer experience and new customers purchasing their products and services.

Build brand trust

Prospects find it difficult to trust most brands they don’t know yet. Can you see the importance of businesses in developing and maintaining good relationships? 92% of Americans trust referrals which is why referral marketing is so powerful. You will need happy customers to be successful with potential buyers.

Potential customers will develop trust in your business, products, and services, leading to positive online reviews. By properly leveraging word of mouth advertising, your newfound followers will become brand ambassadors for your brand and spread the word on various social media sites. Who doesn’t want loyal customers who will generate buzz?

How can I improve my word-of-mouth marketing?

Combining referral marketing with online advertising may seem overwhelming. You can use simple strategies, such as influencer marketing, to help increase customer engagement. Nothing beats the power of a positive word from an individual whom others trust. Which recommendation would mean more to you; an online review or a referral from a close friend?

Tell a meaningful story on your site

All businesses must tell their story. In case of no financial resources, you can write an interesting story about a product and service to get clients to support you. Those who love your story will surely use their favourite social media channels to share it with friends and family. Besides, consumers trust online reviews from someone they know.

The probability of increasing sales is much higher once a loyal customer of your acquired one of your products and spreads the word about you through word of mouth referrals. You can go one step further by describing how the product was made.

Ask your customers for reviews

You improve your word of mouth marketing campaign by asking customers for help. One study found 88 percent of customers were considering submitting their positive reviews for a company after having a good experience.

We recommend sending your clients pictures of themselves using your product or service. It sure is an effective way to encourage customers to share it with your target audience. Develop a branded campaign with hashtags to improve visibility. Your company must provide customers with access to review sites on channels of your choice.

Remember, your product quality matters to customers

Your products demonstrate your commitment to customers. Your business should aim at producing exceptional products that satisfy customer expectations. If a firm sells low-quality items, they demonstrate sloppiness. Client feedback from a painful experience can affect rankings on websites like BBB, Amazon, etc.

Consider the following example; A global company has decided that its home appliance line will become available. Their engineers discover a malfunctioning refrigerator and decide to sell it anyway. As you can imagine, this will not lead to a favourable word of mouth recommendation.

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Satisfied customers often share their experiences with friends. An excellent customer service experience can only help keep your clients happy. Your organisation must evaluate itself to see if you meet your client’s expectations. Always consider ways to increase customer satisfaction. Improved customer care is important, as people always prefer a brand that listens.

Make your product experience shareable through your online platforms

You should create excitement that encourages people to review the product. It would help if you considered everything from packaging to product design and many other details to achieve customer satisfaction. You can also create compelling promotional materials influencers can use on Instagram to reach potential customers. These performances offer a captivating atmosphere for a wider audience to view the video. A person may choose to use your products as gifts to their friends.

Use your website to showcase your brand’s personality

Another way of inviting visitors to your site is to emphasise the brand’s image. For instance, you can include an eloquent description on the menu when it comes to an upscale restaurant. Adoption services may offer some humour to the site. Having personality helps to humanise the brand. You’ll get closer to prospective clients, which is an excellent word of mouth strategy, resulting in more people talking about you.

In Conclusion

There are various ways to utilise the power of word of mouth marketing for SMEs and make your presence known online. Encourage your clients to love your products and services and use an official referral program shared via social media pages.

You can organise competitions and special promotions for a happy customer to share. A positive review will go a long way to spreading brand awareness on social media platforms like Facebook.