Guide to Starting a White-Label SaaS Business

SaaS is a revenue and distribution model for software companies that generate revenue by billing their customers monthly or yearly. SaaS business can be very profitable if you achieve product-to-market adaptation and the right unit economy. One of the most common businesses in Saas platform is Saas white label products.

If you are planning to start your white label business, here are some helpful tips and tricks for you to begin with.

What Are Saas White Label Products?

White-label SaaS products are generic products made by third-party vendors and then renamed b several companies. The company that sells the white label software will put the logo and trademark on it, but the intellectual property rights of the software belong to other companies. White label products and services are reusable goods and services produced by a company for review and resale. White label vendors create products or services that will be renamed to resellers so they can sell themselves to end-users.

Standard SaaS White Label Products

In some cases, there may be some limitations in control over the application, design, and functional capabilities, but it can be a quick way to bring a profitable SaaS business to market without much financial investment.

Social Media Management Software

Social Media Management Software

It is software that you can use to manage social media interactions and post and reply to messages. The social labeling platform commonly used by agencies and social media companies allows companies to label instead of building an existing system themselves. They use it as their own or sell the platform assigned to another company. Companies can’t invite customers to a limited interface to see dashboards and other tools that they can use to improve their work. Vendasta and Social Baker are two great examples of platforms for social media management.

Mobile Application

Although only skins and brands are different, many mobile apps perform the same function. A good example is LevelUp, which not only develops its mobile payment and loyalty programs but also uses it to sell and market its food products in restaurants such as Sweetgreen and the Dig Inn.

SEO and SEM Management Software

SEO and SEM Management Software

If businesses don’t have the time to provide services to clients working with small businesses, they are considering hiring a white label SEO partner to monetize and expand their reach. Resale SEO services are more popular than SEO software. This is because most business owners don’t have time to learn how to do SEO professionally. There are brands that offer their customers SEO and SEM dashboards and management software.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is important for any business. The ability to track as well as send email campaigns is very important to your marketing efforts. Companies can add their brand to the software and create custom dashboards to connect or get customer links. The most important argument for white marking is the ability to fully customize the solution to make it look your own. HubSpot, for example, is not your typical email marketing software. It allows you to join the HubSpot link network. The network offers benefits such as exclusive access to support, events, and the ability to post on the HubSpot blog.

3 Excellent Benefits of a White-label SaaS Business

3 Excellent Benefits of a White-label SaaS Business

A white label is the best way to provide software solutions that are not built from the bottom up. It can save money and time, no special knowledge is required. Depending on your company’s focus and/or purpose, it may make sense not to create a solution for the reasons mentioned above.

No special knowledge is required

If you need software to do something for your customers but have no production experience, you can use a white label product. Businesses choose to use white-label products because they can provide solutions to their customers without any expertise. You can focus on your specialty. Although the challenges and pitfalls of SaaS implementation might be the same, you’ll be able to reap greater profits from the sales you make.

Less time and money

Developing a lot from scratch takes a lot of resources, money, and time. As mentioned earlier, white marking does not require you to spend money and time on R&D, testing, and development. The only cost is the license fee. A DIY solution may sound appropriate when starting a business or organization, but you can quickly discover that these efforts can disrupt internal business processes and exceed your budget. It is necessary to consider cost and time. Can you afford to deploy both? If not, a white label is a good option.

Satisfied customers

By investing in white labels, businesses can expand their products, which can make them more attractive to new and existing customers. Adopting a white label solution can speed up customer response and meet customer needs. You can use your time to deploy your white label solution, Instead of spending all of your time building solutions, you can also interact with your customers, and then continue to engage with the production platform.

Access to great talent

Creating high-quality mobile and web apps requires skills. And let’s be honest, it isn’t easy to find and supervise a team of Rockstar development, design, and project management professionals. Investing in a white-label licensing solution could help you tap into exceptional talent that might be willing to suggest new features and ideas for your business. This is also more cost effective than stretching internal resources to build products that fall outside of your competencies. Smart entrepreneurs earn by tapping into others’ expertise.

7 Smart Ways to Choose the Perfect White Label Partner

1. Choose a person having similar goals and visions

Choose a person having similar goals and visions

Find a partner with a vision or goal that is right for your business. This will be your strategic business partner and you need to make sure it’s right for both sides. If you can’t establish strict policies and don’t try to sell to your customers, you’ll keep your partners selling directly to small businesses away.

2. Go for reputation and a strong track record

How honest, transparent, and honest are they? Do they have a good name in the white label industry? We all know about the reviews in the industry so work for you. How long have they been? Are they considered industry experts?

3. Are they experienced with white labels?

If you are branding a product or service, make sure you have the experience and knowledge to be a good partner. White label software and services not only add logos to existing products but require a carefully thought out strategic process.

4. What about customer service and support?

Is there a clear and structured way to personalize and educate your business so you can start selling soon? Do you have a rigorous and thorough training course and software/service use? Do you have enough resources to help you continuously learn and grow? How quickly they respond to you is a good indicator of how well organized and responsive your company is.

5. Seek evidence of performance through reporting

What types of reports or analytics do you offer to test your customer’s performance? You need to show that your products and services are valuable and helpful to your business. Otherwise, there is no reason for the customer to be close.

6. Ensure the terms of the contract are clear

Do you have a detailed procurement process and are the conditions clear? If you’re transparent and open, if you couldn’t talk before, you can speak now. The minimum blocking period must be indicated. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before subscribing to the dotted line.

7. Make sure you’re allowed to test

How do I know if a service or software that I can’t try before buying is right for my business? You should be able to watch software or role plays with your digital agent to see how your service model works and suits your business.

8. Is it freemium or free trial?

Many SaaS products offer a free trial or freemium plan to help attract customers to their offerings. So, when choosing a white-label service provider, make sure to factor this into consideration. A provider who doesn’t offer either might make it challenging to get your business started. You can read more about the benefits of these pricing models in our post: Freemium Vs Free Trial: What’s Better.

Final Verdict

Using white labels doesn’t mean you have to lose your brand identity. Keep making your agency name! It has a specific brand and foundation that stems from the company’s vision and goals. Offer something unique that stands out and stands out from the digital marketing masses. As you know, space is getting more and more subdivided. We know it’s hard to adapt when you’re busy expanding your business, but if done right, your investment can be worthwhile for your business.