Google Cloud Platform, the cloud computing tool that offers many resources that can be used in business

The Professional Master’s Degree in Software and Computer Systems Engineering of TECH University is designed to work with the best tools in cloud computing

Cloud computing is a technology that allows people to access remotely to file storage, software, and data processing using the Internet, from anywhere in the world without connecting to a personal computer or another device. According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), it must have some characteristics: Internet access, self-service on demand, resource sharing, quick elasticity, and metered service. Also, architecture appears because of the fragmentation between platforms which results in delivery methods called Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Having in mind the earlier point, the experts with a Professional Master’s Degree in Software and Computer Systems Engineering explain how Google Cloud Platform works and how to use it to boost business processes. This suite of infrastructure and services is used internally by Google and is available to any company, it offers a range from machine learning to artificial intelligence and Big Data, all under the services of cloud computing. It provides all the necessary resources to design, test, and launch applications from Gcloud with security and scalability than any other tool.

Today’s companies have an advantage by using Google services since they are complex tools that would cost a lot to develop in-house. There are four main benefits Google Cloud Platform offers to companies and startups: open source because it gives the possibility to customize the tools to the maximum extent possible, innovative as it is a tool that has the latest innovations in the market which will allow companies to keep pace with the digital transformation in different sectors, also it is affordable because some of their tools are free and the ones that are paid are very competitively priced, and safe because uses private networks, making cyber-attacks virtually impossible.

Specialize in computer systems from professionals with trajectory

TECH University has designed a complete program called Professional Master’s Degree in Software and Computer Systems Engineering with the aim of deepening in concepts and learning processes of management, design, development, quality, and secure software on desktop and the Web. Also, students will be able to incorporate substantial qualitative improvements, and innovative solutions to specific problems that arise in software or computer systems.

Students will have access to the best elite education with qualified professors who are internationally experienced professionals who will supply the most complete and up-to-date information on the latest advances and techniques in Software Engineering and Information Systems. Best of all, they will have access anytime, anywhere as the program is 100% online.

The syllabus covers the main current topics in this field such as methodologies, development and quality in Software Engineering, information security, project management, professional liability, application development, cloud computing, Web client computing, data models, among others.

Re-Learning method

The Professional Master’s Degree in Software and Computer Systems Engineering of TECH is developed entirely online. During the 12 months of training, the student has access to the contents of the program at any time and from any device, allowing them to self-manage the study time with maximum flexibility and adapt to the schedule of each student.

It has its own learning method, ‘Re-Learning’, based on asynchrony and self-management. The contents are presented in an attractive and dynamic way in multimedia capsules that include audio, videos, images, diagrams, and conceptual maps to validate knowledge.

TECH Technological University

TECH Technological University, the world’s largest university, is also the official online university of the NBA in Latin America. It belongs to the TECH educational group, a Spanish-owned multinational recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 200 fastest-growing companies in Europe. The company, founded and directed by Manuel Sánchez-Cascado de Fuentes, has also been considered the most highly valued Spanish technology company in the last 15 years.

Thanks to its fully digital learning system, it supplies training to students from anywhere in the world. An international trajectory that has allowed it to become a benchmark in distance learning, with a catalog of more than 10,000 programs, more than 100,000 new students each year, and 500,000 graduates from more than 150 countries.

Specialized in highly qualified postgraduate programs, they offer their students the best training programs at an international level, being leaders in employability with 97% of their students working in the first twelve months, according to data from the consulting firm KPMG.