Get Rid Of Water Bugs In Your Pool: A How-To Guide

There are a few things as infuriating as finding hundreds of water bugs in your pool when you want a relaxing dip. But, since removing the bugs just before swimming is a mood killer, it’s naturally a wish or want to get rid of water bugs in your pool beforehand. However, because several elements contribute to bugs converging in your pool and taking permanent residence, below are simple tips on how to get rid of water bugs and keep them out.

1. Skim your pool 

The simplest and easiest way of removing tiny bugs in a pool is by skimming. To do this, invest in a skimmer and be ready to spend time scooping them off and dumping them elsewhere. However, as most water bugs fly, scooping them out might take time as they might fly and relocate in another part of your pool as soon as you get in contact with them. Overall, even though skimming your pool is labor-intensive, it is the quickest way of getting rid of bugs if you want a quick swim.

2. Clean the Pool 

Many pool owners who rarely use their pools put off cleaning until when they can’t ignore it any further. Unfortunately, this leads to pools being accumulated with all sorts of debris and gunk that act as an attraction to bugs. An effective way of how to keep bugs out of the pool is by vacuuming your pool. Doing this removes accumulated sediments and debris which act as a hiding place for bugs. The same can happen in your home and you need the right vacuum as well.   It’s really important to choose the right vacuum type.

3. Brush the Pool

Water bugs especially the water boatman bug, are usually attracted to your pool due to algae buildup. Unfortunately, the existence of water boatmen in your pool attracts backswimmers bugs which in turn attract other insects to your pool. To get rid of their buildup, you need to scrub down to loosen up any algae in the various surfaces in your pool. As physically brushing the pool takes time, why not choose to invest in an automated cleaner like the Aquabot Spirit (for above ground pools only). With this automated cleaner, you will be assured of a clean pool with minimal physical efforts from you.

4. Maintain Pool Chemical Levels 

To make your pool an inhabitable place for bugs, ensure you maintain proper pool chemical levels. Periodically test and confirm that the ph. level is between pH: 7.4 – 7.6, Chlorine is between. 1.0 – 3.0 ppm and total alkalinity are between 80 – 140 ppm. If it’s slightly off, adjust them and ensure that it’s at the correct level. To guarantee that the chemical composition you add is distributed evenly, run the pump periodically to get rid of all swimming pool bugs types. 


5. Shock the Pool 

Though shocking your pool is generally considered the same as maintaining the recommended pool chemical levels, it’s not. Unlike maintaining pool chemical levels, you cannot use the pool for up to 48hours after you shock it. Shocking the pool involves the addition of calcium hypochlorite, which kills the algae. The recommended dosage is usually 1 pound per 10,000 gallons. However, when your pool is greener, and algae build-up is at an all-time high, aim to double or triple the dosage to get rid of the algae and kill all types of water bugs in the pool. 


To effectively get rid of water bugs from your pool, you need to employ simple maintaining tactics. As seen above, keeping your pool relatively clean and algae free is an excellent way of doing so. Additionally, if possible aim to keep your pool covered to block out ways of insects converging in your pool for a bug-free pool.