Does Megasportsworld Render Web-Based Services?

Given its role as an indigenous sportsbook, Megasportsworld, fondly referred to as MSW, gets compared to its foreign contemporaries. This article considers the web-based rating and delivery of the MSW betting company. Our author Evelyn Balyton lends her experience in this article to break down everything you need to know about MSW’s internet accessibility in the Philippines.

Features Of MegaSportsWorld

MegaSportsWorld is undoubtedly a unique bookmaker in the Philippine betting space. This is because it’s the first sportsbook to meet all the requirements of PAGCOR. It’s thus the only indigenous bookmaker operating in the Philippines. The bookmaker is largely a physical one, with bets, withdrawals and deposits only possible at msw outlets near you. Whilst it has an online presence, the megasportsworld’s website is limited to monitoring functions. Punters can check the available games, sports as well as the respective odds but can’t wager bets online. Luckily, the website has a ‘Store Locator’ function that helps punters find the nearest MSW shop in their area.

This is one of the effects of the strict regulatory processes of the Filipino government on gambling. Punters must also prove that they are at least 21 years of age before they can open an msw betting account. Just as with wagering bets and making payments, account openings can only be done in person at a megasportsworld outlet near you.

MSW megasportsworld odds are comparatively lower to that of their foreign counterparts. However, when it comes to national sports such as sabong or the National Boxing Championship, megasportsworld is unbeatable. Thus, the website gives a huge boost to Filipinos on their national sports which may be unavailable on foreign sportsbooks. It’s important to verify the odds for each event when wagering your bets. This can be done via the msw website or through a megasportsworld cashier at the betting shop.

Sports betting has become easier and faster with the popularity of smartphones, mobile applications and the internet. As a result, most modern-day sportsbooks have designed mobile applications to augment their access to customers. Msw is not left out in this regard as mobile applications exist for both Andriod and iOS users. The megasportsworld mobile app also includes the options to wager bets and reach the customer service via video calls. However, these features are limited users who can accumulate PHP10,000 bet stakes in 60 days.

Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses. Punters are used to getting bonuses and welcome offers when banking with a new sportsbook. The story is however different with msw. This is because there are no promotional offers at the moment. This may not be unrelated to the strict regulations of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Megasportsworld makes up for its lack of bonuses by allowing bets to be wagered on several sports including several football leagues, NBA, Formula1, Tennis and UFC. Additionally, Filipinos can play the msw virtual sports with as little as PHP10.  The minimum betting stake for other sports is P100.

In terms of payment, only cash transactions are possible at MSW outlets. This is because bets and payments are only accepted at physical stores. Thus, Filipinos can only make deposits, withdrawals and wager bets in one currency. It’s also important to note that winnings are subject to a 20% gambling tax, payable to the government, per PAGCOR.

Pros Of Using MSW In The Philippines

Pros Of Using MSW In The Philippines

Using an indigenous sportsbook has some unique advantages, some of which we shall consider below.

  1. Megasportsworld allows Filipinos to wager bets on national sports such as sabong and boxing.
  2. The sportsbook is tailored to meet the demands of Filipino punters with a huge presence of physical outlets in the country.
  3. MSW not only offers exclusive access to wager bets on national sports but also gives huge odds on the same sports.
  4. The megasportsworld customer service is available all days of the week via phone calls. They may also be reached via email and video calls.
  5. Being an indigenous bookmaker with offices around the country, your winnings are secured and guaranteed as MSW is duly registered by PAGCOR.

Cons Associated With Megasportsworld

  1. Bets can only be placed at physical outlets. This is a huge disadvantage to Filipinos who may prefer to place bets on their smartphones at any time of the day.
  2. The coronavirus has limited the operations of the sportsbook, highlighting the need to make provision for online betting and payments.
  3. The requirements for getting a mobile application are quite exclusionary and leave a majority of Filipino bettors behind.
  4. Megasportsworld only accepts cash transactions and winnings are subject to a 20% gambling tax.


Megasportsworld has surmounted huge odds to gain accreditation under the PAGCOR regulations. However, these gains are in danger of being undermined by the lack of a viable online presence. The absence of this important feature is now more pronounced with the onset of the coronavirus, which necessitates the adoption of saas methods to meet the demands of a teeming sports betting population. Whilst the sportsbook is doing okay and has great betting options, it’s important to constantly improve to gain the trust of Filipino punters.