Business Solutions: 7 Tech Tools Every Startup Business Needs This 2021

In this digital age, technology has become a business owner’s best friend. It has leveled the entrepreneurial playing field between startups and big companies. From communication management to file storage, the Internet makes starting a business easier and more possible. But browsing through a long list of tech solutions can be tough. Let us do the work for you.

Out there is a competitive economy. And as a business owner, you should utilize every digital platform to edge over your business’ competitors. Starting strong with a good set of software solutions helps keep your startup afloat. Check this list of essential tech tools that can help kick your startup business off to a good start:

Communication And Management Solution

Starting a business with a remote workforce requires an excellent communication system among employees and clients. As your business grows, keeping track of your team’s collaboration plans and ideas can be challenging. Communicating through email isn’t optimal in completing this task.

You may also face this problem when managing with clients. It is easy to forget transactions done via email when new clients emerge. Your income relies on your relationship with them, so you wouldn’t want to forget nor lose them.

Reach for the top of the economic ladder and use a comprehensive communication and management solution like Weave. This tech tool allows you to remotely manage your team and, at the same time, keep an organized record of your clients’ information. Check to know more.

Website Builder

Having a business website has become a staple for every startup nowadays. You will need to create a name for your business, and a good website can help you achieve this. This measure can also help your startup attract more clients and communicate efficiently with potential investors.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry. There are several good website builders that you can trust online. Investing in a good website generator software can provide you an organized and mobile-optimized site to put your business into the market.

Social Media Management

As well as building a business website, having a strong social media presence is also a must when starting a new business. Constantly posting about your offered services or products, responding to customers’ feedback, and showing your platform’s commitment helps your business’ accessibility.

A good social media management tool can do all the tasks mentioned above for you. These tools work on monitoring your social media feed, viewing analytics, scheduling posts, and interacting with customers.

Webinar Services

As your business grows more branches worldwide, you will need a good webinar service to collaborate with clients. This software solution can help you create online presentations and product demonstrations that market your business to potential investors.

This service not only benefits your relationship with clients but with your team too. Staying connected as business collaborators is essential in growing your startup. As most work is remotely done these days, webinar services can also help you conduct seminars and training necessary for your team to work more efficiently, regardless of their location.

Online Data Storage

It is risky to save your projects on your computer or hard drive. You will always be under the threat of theft or accidental erasures. These technical accidents may ruin your startup’s newly-built reputation. But the Internet can help you avoid such problems.

Storing your online data in the cloud can make filing business information more convenient and accessible. Softwares such as Google Drive or Dropbox allow you to securely back up your files, as well as granting access to your team members. It also sends an update notification in any modified file.

Project Management Solution

From start to finish, organize and manage your business’ projects with good project management software. It can help your project manager carefully allocate and manage resources such as generic and external resources, physical assets, and documents.

Project management solutions also provide tools for your team and clients to communicate and track status updates. In general, this software can improve your business structure by enhancing resource availability, centralizing client requests, updated scheduling and issue tracking, and many more.

Point-Of-Sale Systems

In a world where technology reigns, traditional cash registers are now a thing of the past. What new business owners use to collect payments are POS systems. It can also conveniently track sales and inventory for you and simplify the tedious process of accounting.

POS systems packages include touch-screen monitors, keyboards, barcode scanners, card readers and drawers, receipt printers, other retail software needs. Make checking out for your customers easier and faster by working with a good POS system solution.


Starting a new business in this digital age doesn’t have to be hard for you. With the right type of tech tool to assist you in your managerial tasks, your business will flourish in no time. Just be patient with the process. And, never forget to be as innovative and flexible with your startup as always.