Boosting productivity with Salesforce

Whether you own a business with a physical brick and mortar presence or you run an online business, your sales staff are what has a direct impact on your profits and who bring in new customers. Having staff in different locations, salespeople out trying to bring in new customers and admin stuck in the office, the best option to ensure there is shared information and communication between them is a good cloud service. Using salesforce and the salesforce form is a great way to enhance productivity, organization and sales.

Communicate via Chatter

Using a communication tool like this means your business basically has its own form of social media. You can all keep each other up to date, send out company messages and communications and collaborate with each other in real-time. It is also a place you can create different workgroups and share different data and documents.

Integrate email communications

You can also take your company email and sync it with Salesforce as well as the calendar tools. You can stay abreast of meetings wherever your people are, invite others to attend, create company events and see what individual employee’s schedules are like. You can better plan meetings and corporate events when you know when your employees are ready for them. It is also a good way to see how productive your staff are.

Track leads and marketing

Tracking leads, their history, how active they are, their current status and their conversion is an essential part of having a successful business. With salesforce you can enter leads that have just come in, make sure they have the best salesperson assigned to them, that their contact information is available to all, and that emails are tracked and notes kept up to date. This is how you better ensure leads are converted into customers.

Creating forms

Having all information gathered and stored where people can see it is also important. Your sales reps can create and use a salesforce form to complete straight away in the field, so that information is accurate and up to date and streamlined.

Gain better insight

As well as salesforce form creation it also allows you to better track your marketing tactics, how productive your staff are, what lead conversions are like and more using graphs and charts to help with analytics and forecasting.

Easy to access content library

No need to worry about losing that important document for the morning’s presentation, or not having to hand the latest product information when a customer asks. With salesforce it is all uploaded to the same place and easy to locate for all employees wherever they are.

Easy access to information when on the move

When having access to up-to-date information and real-time communications is so important in this modern world, salesforce has you covered.

Various useful applications

Different applications can benefit different operations so have a look and enhance your experience and see the boost in profits and success it leads to.