An Extensive Guide to Playing Live Roulette

These days online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are becoming attracted to the casino and the games it has to offer, such as poker, blackjack, crabs and roulette.

Playing casino games can be fun as long as they’re played responsibly. In this article, we will look at a guide to playing live roulette online. Showing that the experience of playing roulette at home on your computer can compare to the experience of going to an actual casino.

With live roulette, you can get a live dealer

When playing live roulette, you do not want to risk a programme spinning a wheel as you believe it to be some sort of fraud. The other options you have available is to use a live dealer. A live dealer is an actual person live on camera who will spin the wheel when you place your bets playing roulette. There is some excellent information about this on Boomtown bingo here is the link to check the info out further at

It’s also important to understand there are two types of roulette to play European and American. European Roulette has just one green zero on the wheel, but the American has one green zero and a green double zero right next to it.  What’s the difference? Very small but still significant, that should the ball land on zero you have a 1 in 37 chance to win, whereas you have a 1 in 38 chance to win with American.

Phrases you should get to know

It’s important to understand that Live roulette is just the same as if you were in a real casino. That means the terminology is the same. There are certain phrases you should get to know when playing, so you can be ready to make a decision or understand what is happening to with your bet.

So, for instance, there is the phrase La Partage. This means that should the ball land on the zero, and you never bet on that number. You will only lose half of your stake instead of all of it, and it cuts down the house edge. There is also a similar rule called El Prison, meaning the stake goes to jail until the next spin.  So if you are planning on Live Roulette be aware that the rules are no different at the table.

The categories

There are many different bets, that can be played at the table. The easiest being red or black. Odd or even numbers which you can place a stake for a chance to win. However, you can also bet on specific categories. For instance, if you put the chips on the lines instead of the numbers, you are betting on. Then you are betting on groups of numbers, instead of the numbers alone.

There are more categories of the wheel such as the Voisins du Zeroi. This translates to the neighbours of zero, and the other section called Le tiers du cylinder, which is third of the wheel. So as you can see in order to understand how to play, you have to study the roulette table to find what is the best play for yourself.

Fair gaming

Probably the overall best thing with the Live Roulette, is the satisfaction of not cheating. As you are not using a computer software programme, which will predict what the ball lands on. Instead, you experience an authentic experience of a game of chance. So it makes the game a lot more enjoyable because you are playing with a real person and real players, who are playing alongside yourself.

Roulette if played responsibly when studied, can be an enjoyable experience for anyone who is looking at the chance to win some money. It is equally essential, that the game is studied. By watching Live Roulette, it really can help you improve your knowledge, and experience when you finally want to approach the table and place your first stake.

Be sure to enjoy it, don’t feel disheartened if another table player wins. It is only by playing roulette that you can gain the knowledge and experience, that you need to increase your chances in the games ahead. Let’s not also forget, this is in the comfort of your own armchair, so check it out online and see what an enjoyable experience it can be.  You can also check out for a great option.

Enjoy your experience when you play at the table and good luck.