8 Fun Activities To Do With Your Friends

Nothing can be more enjoyable than getting together with a group of your friends and having some fun. Over time, however, your group of friends may get bored doing the same activities as always. Instead of slowly hanging out less and less because of boredom, consider some of the fun activities below for a good time. Some will not cost anything, but will just need a little creativity and an open mind from everyone.

1. Start A Dinner Party Circle

The idea behind a dinner party circle is simple. Each friend has a week to make a meal from scratch to serve to all their friends at their home. The best thing about this idea is that each week you receive a free meal and can enjoy a great time with your friends to catch up on things you missed since your last visit.

2. Gel Blaster Fight

If you and your friends enjoy being active, a trip to your local gel blaster facility may be a fun choice. A Gel Blaster SAW M249 can be used or other options while playing a game in the field or indoor arena. The best thing about gel blasters over paintball guns is that the ammo is mostly made of water and hurts less than being hit with paintballs. Additionally, the water-filled gel ammo means little to no clean up after the game ends.

3. Board Game Nights

A classic activity to plan with your group of friends is a board game night. There are countless online games to choose from freejackpot.com and you will surely find one that will please everybody to play. From simple card-playing games to in-depth games that require deep strategy and thinking, the options are endless.

4. Geocaching

If you don’t want to stay in and play games, ask your friends if they want to get involved with geocaching. Anyone with a GPS can participate in this activity for free. The game involves using coordinates to find a hidden geocache. A geocache is a small box or container that someone else has hidden at a specific location. Once you find the item, you can see what is hidden inside. Before putting the box back, you can add a little something to it for the next person or simply put it back where you found it with the original contents. To put it simply, geocaching is a treasure hunt that is fun for all ages.

5. Movie Night

Another classic activity you and your friends may enjoy is watching movies together on UWatchfree. A weekly or monthly movie night can be a lot of fun and an affordable way to spend time together. A day or two before the movie night, speak with your friends to find out what movies they are wanting to watch and choose one everyone will enjoy. Enlist each friend to bring a treat such as popcorn, soda or other goodies to make the movie more enjoyable.

6. Go Camping

For groups of more adventurous friends, plan a camping trip together. Camping with several friends at a local park can mean an affordable and easy getaway. Some of the greatest memories people make with their friends take place sitting around campfires late at night, talking about life, swapping stories and eating roasted marshmallows. Camping is a great way to bond, explore the wilderness and get some fresh air.

7. Volunteer

This activity may be more fun for some than others. Consider spending a day together working at community events or helping at a local food pantry. There are various other opportunities for volunteering in most cities such as planting flowers at parks, coaching basketball teams, working with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a needy family or getting involved with your local youth groups. Sometimes the best activities are ones where you help others instead of focusing on yourself.

8. Play Sports

Playing a sport together with your friends is perfect for having fun and staying active together. It is also a great way to have fun without spending any money. Take a soccer ball to your local park to kick around, pull out of frisbee or find a local basketball court to shoot some hoops. Not much equipment is needed to get together and have some fun while staying active.

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