6 Ways How Web Design Can Affect Your Customer’s Experience

The recent lockdown has stressed the importance of E-Commerce for many businesses and retailers.

As stores and businesses establish an online presence, the setup and design of their page will become equally as important as the layout of a physical store.

This means, just as how stores design their physical space strategically, they will need to pay attention to their website design to make it easy to maneuver around the site. It will be equally as important to care about the impression the customer will have of the website as they would if they walked in the store. This, in turn, can change the game for your business and sales.

If you own a business and are looking to find out why the web design for your site is important, here is a list of how customer experience is affected.

1. Web Designs Determine Professionalism

Even if you have invested thousands of dollars in your product or service, it will be difficult for your website to gain traction if customers do not trust your website. Much of the trust a customer puts on a brand is based on their experience at the brand’s website. The intricate aspect of web design is the reason why you should use trusted web designers such as Denver Web Design

Website designs do not only determine the visual attraction of the website but also consist of wisely placed tabs and pictures. For example, keeping customer reviews on the front page of your website can let customers know that what you are offering has been tried and trusted by real people.

2. Loading Time of Your Page

You may have invested in a web design that gets the job done and you notice that while people are visiting your site not a lot of people are buying anything.

It turns out that the time it takes for your site to load impacts your bounce rate. To put it simply, people are more likely to leave your website the longer it takes to load. That should be a given, right? However, even the first three seconds can determine whether a customer stays to see your site.

You might be interested in creating a website that looks very cool with GIFs, high-resolution images, and videos on auto-play. However, these features mean that there is more to load when someone clicks on your site.

One of the crucial tasks of a web designer is to make sure a site loads quickly on whichever device your customers are using.

3. The Appearance of the Website

As the old saying goes, the first impression is also the last,  and it applies especially to businesses. In an age where competition is tough, why wouldn’t customers be more drawn towards sites with a more polished appearance?

Though your product or service might be the best in the market, what draws in your online customer initially is the design of your website. Furthermore, the look of your website will also determine the message you want to send to your customers.

On the other hand, appearance also serves a functional purpose. If a site is not well designed, customers might face unacceptable problems such as confusion regarding the functions and illegible font

4. From Visitors to Users

If you have a high number of visitors, it is beneficial for your business because it is gaining exposure but the benefits are limited. The reason being, exposure alone does not result in revenue.

Good website designers will know the tricks and hacks on how to visually reel customers to your site and turn browsing visitors into users.

Some good examples of simple ways to attract customers include having a good color scheme. Dark colors can distract the viewer from the focus of the site. Furthermore, the right colors have to be chosen to highlight parts of the site you want them to focus on.

Secondly, having simplistic designs is also helpful. Over the top graphics and images can look disorganized and can also become confusing for your viewers. Moreover, it can also increase the load time of the site.

Additionally, new icon symbols can also become confusing for the viewer. A good web designer will know the difference between what looks good and when to follow traditional methods.

5. Compatible Websites for Different Devices

Another important function of web designs is making sure that the site is compatible across all devices. Though you may believe that people are more likely to use their phones in this generation of speed and handheld devices, people are more likely to confirm purchases on laptops or desktops.

If your site is compatible with some devices and not others, it eliminates the traffic and purchases which come from that segment. It is important as a businessman to guarantee ease of browsing for your customers.

6. Making the Site User Friendly

Usually, the layouts or ideas which seem straightforward in our minds are not as easy for others to understand. That is why we have experts in this field who know how to create easy-to-use sites.

The truth is, the placement of every single tab is important and this becomes a game of strategy. Experienced professionals know where to place tabs and what to exclude to avoid clutter and confusion.

For example, a good website design would keep their menu as simple as possible, yet it would include the most useful options in them. The reason being, when the menu is too cluttered it can become distracting for viewers and they might not be able to find what they are looking for.

Final Thoughts

The world of commerce has been shifting towards a more virtual presence. This means business owners should take advantage of every inch of their web page if they have the option to.

As online pages do not have the physical presence of a salesman, the web page must overcome any communication barrier that customers may come across.

Moreover, while also finding solutions to communication barriers through FAQ sections, live chats, and contact information, business owners must also accept that the design of the web page will speak for them and establish their image.

In a heavily competitive market, even the slightest mistake could instantly remove your advantage over the competition. That is why taking your web design seriously is important and is something you should invest your time and money on.