5 ways to master your to do list with Trello

Since many people struggle with managing their lives and organizing things, a very common question that comes to their mind is: “How can I master my tasks?”

We’re here to teach you some valuable tips.

What is Trello?

Trello is a popular choice among managers, employees, freelancers, and nearly anybody searching for a visual project management solution. It comes as no surprise that they’ve acquired an extensive user base of over 50 million users for their ease of use, and an extensive list of power-ups (its way of calling apps within its ecosystem) from reporting analytics to task managers. Individuals and teams of all sizes are using Trello as a to-do list to manage their projects from start to completion, from weddings to product launches.

Features & Functionality

Trello dashboard is built on the Kanban project management approach, allowing you to view and track your work as it progresses through various workflow stages.

How Can You Be Using Trello as a To-Do List?

Each project in Trello begins with creating a new board or selecting one of the many available templates. Each board is divided into lists that you may edit to your liking, the most common of which is To Do, Doing, and Done.

After you’ve set up your lists, you can begin adding tasks in the form of cards that you can drag from one list to the next.

On the interior of the card, you can put a deadline, a cover photo, reminders, labels, assignees, and attachments.

Five Ways to Use Trello for Personal Task Management

Weekly To-Do List

If you have a lot of work to perform every week, having one central area to keep track of your tasks will help you stay organized. Whether you need to research relevant hashtags for your Instagram profile or do your weekly report, you can include these tasks in an easy-to-use kanban board.

A weekly to-do list is a fundamental concept. Make a personal Trello board with various lists, each of which corresponds to a different day of the week when you’ll work on your duties. These may include: You might further split your work by making a list for each day of the week.

You can even isolate your recurring to-dos into their column and use the Card Repeater Power-Up to establish a recurring due date for each job. Monday, Tomorrow, This Week, and Done are all important dates. Using Trello as a to-do list will make your life simple. We can guarantee that!

GTD Trello Board

Getting Things Done, or GTD for short is a personal productivity strategy that provides a framework for organizing and completing activities. The primary purpose is to record any unfinished to-dos in an external system to rid your memory of them.

You may use any program for GTD, but Trello’s extensive feature set makes it simple to adopt. The GTD methodology has five basic steps, but we’ll focus on the first three for the Trello board: capture, clarify, and organize.

Eisenhower Matrix

Making a to-do list is simple; picking what to accomplish first, especially when everything feels urgent. If this sounds like you, the Eisenhower Matrix — a strategy for prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance to guarantee that you’re constantly working on the correct items — might be helpful.

You’ll need to brush up on your rejection abilities in addition to learning how to use the Matrix. If you’re the CEO of a growing startup, for example, your hands will be full of projects and activities related to it. A few friends or acquaintances may contact you on LinkedIn to ask if you can refer them to some of your new business partners or hire them.

This action is neither critical nor urgent for you or your project, according to the Eisenhower Matrix. So, instead of promising to contact them or spending hours emailing or talking to them, you say “no.” Instead, you create a lovely email informing them that you cannot assist them at this time due to a significant amount of work on your plate.

Master Board

Trello’s customizability and user-friendly design make it simple to build different boards for each of your projects, adding another layer of organization to your workflow. When you have more boards than you can handle, though, the back-and-forth switching might eat into your productivity.

In this scenario, you might want to make a master board where you can view all of your impending responsibilities from both your professional and personal lives.

Top Trello Board Examples and Templates

  • Project Management
  • Kanban Template
  • Simple Project Board
  • Remote Team Hub
  • Marketing Overview
  • Teaching: Weekly Planning
  • Daily Task Management
  • Publishing Process
  • Customer Success Management

Connect Trello to Your Task Manager

If you’re anything like the usual productivity nerd, you probably utilize multiple apps to get things done. When you use a tool created for a particular purpose, there is less potential for complexity than when you use the same instrument for several types of tasks.

Optimize Your Task Management

Trello may be used in various ways for personal task management, whether you’re organizing weekly dinners or getting started on a home repair project. We’ve highlighted some of how you can structure your workflow in this post, but you’re free to change them to fit your needs.

If you were unsure about how you can be using Trello as a to-do list, we’re confident that now you know!