4 Tips To Effectively Manage Your Time

There are many ways that you can improve how you manage your time and we will now look at 4 tips on how you can do just that.

1. Get Rid Of Distractions

Once you have started working, the only thing that you should be thinking about is your work. It is best to put your work and tasks to the forefront and forget about anything else. So, you can start by taking off the internet, putting your phone on silent, asking your friends and family members to avoid disturbing you, put your email reminders on silent etc. You should only engage in the above distractions when you are on break such as during lunch time and it is best to go through all of the necessary distractions before you return to work.

Another good idea is to put on soothing music that will help you to focus while working. This will not only help to reduce your attention on distractions but improve your attention levels.

2. Be Aware Of & Limit Your Priorities

If you are running your own business, then you understand that everything to do with your business is completely your responsibility. However, do keep in mind that if you make everything important then nothing will actually be important.

The truth is, you don’t need to give everything your attention or equal amounts of your attention. If you have a huge to-do list, then this may lead to being paralyzed. Instead, you should only have a short list that would help you to focus on exactly what you need to get done. These type of high level strategies are crucial if you want to successfully run and improve your business.

3. Delegate

Once you have a much shorter priority list, the next step is to delegate them.

One way that you can do this is to hire an assistant and even a part time assistant can greatly help. You can even look into hiring an online assistant who can be easily found on websites such as Zirtual or Upwork. These type of assistants are great for managing your website and various tasks. Another great option is to use a time management app like TrackTime24.com which will actually enable you to set your tasks, manage your time, track the progress you’ve made etc. These apps even have various alerts that can help you become more aware of the various tasks that you’re falling behind on.

Now, when it comes to hiring employees and delegating tasks, you need to be very careful that you don’t delegate tasks and your employees don’t know how to complete them. Be sure to hire the right type of employees and make sure that you properly train them before delegating.

4. Pomodoros

One very effective time management hack is to use the pomodoro technique. Basically, you will set an alarm for 25 minutes and then do work for that 25 minutes. When the time is up, you can take a break for 5 minutes and perhaps enjoy these new online casinos before setting the timer again and working for another 25 minutes. This is a great way to be more efficient and log your time and work. By paying attention to time logging, you’ll be able to easily see how you’re actually spending your time. Then, you can use the information to set better goals and what you want to achieve with your daily pomodoros. One example provided by Peter Helch, is to only set 10 pomodoros per week for reading and responding to emails. Helch, says that you can even use this for setting goals such as working on your marketing strategies for 30 pomodoros per week.

Now, when it comes to breaks, the quality of your breaks are critical. Even though each of your breaks are quite short, you need to make sure that they are enjoyable and refreshing. So, during your break you can go for a short walk, eat a snack, make some jokes with your friends, play the piano or any instrument you enjoy etc. However, make sure to avoid using your breaks for going on social media or watching TV.