X SaaS Tools You Can Use to Easily Extract Valuable Data

Plenty of data is extracted each day, and companies will extract this data from different types of sources such as blogs, videos, forums, and more. Extracting data can help companies make better business decisions.

This process that involves extracting data from various sites is called data extraction, and there are plenty of tools you can use to achieve it. Data extraction is one of the important things for digital commerce solutions and SaaS companies.

Well, let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will show you the top nine SaaS tools you can use to extract valuable data.

10 SaaS tools you can use for extracting data

Data extraction includes procuring data from a source and moving it to a new context, cloud-based, or a mix of both. Generally speaking, it’s the first step of the ETL process of extraction, transformation, and more. Data will always undergo a processing stage in order that it’s used for future analysis. You can read more about data extraction in Levity’s data extraction guide here.

1. Import.io

Import.io is a data extraction tool to scrape data from online sites. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that absolutely anyone can use, regardless of whether they have any technical skills. Furthermore, this data can be exported to an Excel format or CSV.

Import.io allows users to extract data from their web pages and turn it into structured data. Thus, you can extract data from many sources such as social media, databases, sites, and more. Therefore, this is an excellent tool to consider using if you want to gather as much data as possible from websites.

Nevertheless, whichever kind of web data you need, no matter how many sites, Import.io might be the right choice for you. Above all, the primary benefit of Import.io is that it offers a free trial that you can use, such as price tracking, machine learning, data-driven marketing, and much more.

2. Hevo Data

Hevo Data is a No-code Data Pipeline that allows you to load data from any preferred data source, such as SaaS applications, Cloud Storage, Databases, and more. The tool supports over 150 data sources and undergoes a three-step process: selecting a data source, providing valid credentials, and choosing the right destination. As a result, Hevo isn’t only suitable for leading data in the desired area of the Data Warehouse; it also enriches the data and transforms it into an analysis without any technical knowledge needed from your side.

Nevertheless, it’s automated and allows data to be delivered in real-time without sacrificing losing this data. In addition, the solutions the tool provides are consistent and will enable you to work with BI tools.

Here are some key features of Hevo:

  • Secure: Ensures that data is handled in the safest way possible, without sacrificing any data
  • Minimal learning: Hevo is user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical knowledge
  • Live support: The Hevo team is available at all times, so it allows you to be secure about contacting them
  • Live monitoring: Hevo will enable you to monitor data continuously and identify where this data is at the current moment

You can try Hevo out for free, but it’s subscription plans might exceed $100 per month, but you can use the 14-day free trial to take advantage of it.

3. Scrapestorm

Scrapestorm is only one data extraction tool you can consider using. It’s powered by AI and is an essential tool for data extraction. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. It automatically recognizes lists, images, prices, forms, and more.

Scrapestorm is free to use, and you can use it free forever. However, you will be limited to its more advanced features and will be billed from $49 to $99 per month if you want to use their paid subscription plans.

4. Altair Monarch

Altair Monarch is a desktop self-service tool that requires no technical knowledge. It can connect with multiple data sources that are both unstructured and structured. Utilizing over 80 built-in data preparation functions for connecting and processing data at high speeds and without errors allows you to extract data without wasting time trying to make data readable and focus on a higher-knowledge audience.

Above all, there aren’t any prices available with Altair Monarch, so your best option is to contact them on their site directly.

5. Web Scraper

Web Scraper is a data extraction tool that allows you to scrape data from sites and store them in whichever format you prefer. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool but does require basic web scraping knowledge. Of course, it won’t need much advancement in your skills but provides an easy-to-use interface that offers excellent options.

You can collect data and expertise it into multiple formats, such as CSV, JSON formats, and then into Google Sheets, Dropbox, and more.

Some of the unique features of Web Scraper are the automated data extraction feature, notifications you receive when you finish extracting the data, and more.

Pricing comes with five different plans, which start for free and can add up to around $300 per month.

6. Octoparse

Octoparse is a modern data extraction tool. It’s a cloud-based web crawler that allows you to extract web data without coding knowledge. Overall, it has around four pricing plans, starting from the free plan to the Enterprise one. Nevertheless, it’ll depend on the overall budget of companies.

The free plan doesn’t require any credit card input, but as for the most expensive plan- the Enterprise plan, you’ll need to pay a monthly payment of over $200 per month. Even though there is no direct information regarding the price of the enterprise plan, it does cost more than the professional plan, which is around $209 per month.

7. Google Analytics

You could look at Google Analytics in many ways, but it can be considered a tool for extracting data from your target audience. Google Analytics allows you to use the data you received and better understand the world around your target audience, including how users visit your site, how much time they spend on your page, and more.

Google Analytics features conversion tracking, allowing you to track the sources of your conversion points after you set them up. Moreover, this improves your marketing messages and combines this information with comprehensive user activity data, allowing you to build your user personas better.

Above all, you can track all new users visiting your site over a certain period. So keep track of each user who visits your site and understands how your traffic grows over time.

Google Analytics is a free tool, but you also have Google Analytics 360, which is quite expensive and costs around $12,500 per month. With GA 360, you get higher data limits, custom variables, a more dedicated support team, and more. However, because of the large monthly payment, this is a popular option for large businesses dealing with large data.

8. Klippa

Klippa is a cloud-based tool that processes contracts, passports, invoices, and more. Their conversion speed for most documents is anywhere between one to five seconds. You can manipulate data and classify it 24/7. Let’s not forget that it can also process PNG, JPG, PDF, and many other formats. Overall, the tool can process payments, manage expenses, and do much more.

For pricing information, it’s best to contact Klippa on their site, but they do offer a free demo for you to try out.

9. Parsehub

Parsehub is a free web scraper tool that allows you to extract data only within a few clicks. You can turn sites into a spreadsheet or API for extracting purposes. Parsehub is free to use, but with its paid plan, you’ll get 200 pages of data within 40 minutes.

However, the higher you subscribe to their paid plans, the faster you’ll get the information. For instance, with their professional plan, you’ll be paying $499 per month, but receive 200 pages of data within less than two minutes! There is also the Enterprise plan, but you will need to contact Parsehub directly to find out more about how fast you can get access to the data.

10. Apify

Apify can automate anything you can do manually in a web browser, and run it at scale. We’re your one-stop shop for web scraping, data extraction, and web automation.

+ Collect data from any website

Start extracting unlimited amounts of structured data right away with our ready-to-use scraping tools or work with us to solve your unique use case. Fast, accurate results you can rely on.

+ Automate any online process

Scale processes, robotize tedious tasks, and speed up workflows with flexible automation software. Automation that lets you work faster and smarter than your competitors with less effort.

+ Integrate with any system

Export your datasets in machine-readable formats like JSON and CSV. Apify gives you APIs to let you seamlessly integrate with databases and web apps such as Zapier and Integromat.

Wrapping everything up

That’s about it for this article. These are the nine SaaS tools you can use for extracting data. Above all, it’s important to use a free trial and see which tool best fits your needs. Not every tool can be suitable for you to use, but it’ll highly depend on what your business requirements are.

Above all, it’s important you pay attention to the quality of the tool and how much data it can extract while using it.