Working from Home during Pandemic Outbreak

As the outbreak of coronavirus threatens every corner of the globe, people have no other choice other than to be locked down in their homes to help contain the virus. The concept of social distancing is now booming to save more lives. 

More than three million people are now infected across 210 countries and territories. No wonder the death toll is ever rising and has already crossed  the 200 thousand landmark. With no real sign of vaccine invention for the next couple of months, this lockdown can stretch even longer throughout the globe. 

Since the first reported case of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, the world is now experiencing an economic crunch. The IMF suggests there could be a severe fall in global GDP by up to 3%. For low-income countries, these numbers are more shocking. 

How do people balance safety and livelihood when there is the uncertainty of any perfect solution? How long can governments force people to stay at home? At some point, people will have to work for their survival. 

In this new era of microbial aggression, “work from home” became the most acceptable concept for human survival. So, the world of digital interface brings you productivity even in the worst of conditions. You can survive and, most importantly, you can save your company from this disaster. 

Use of CMMS Software for Home Office

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a popular software to help maintain computer databases. Companies like Axxerion offer cloud-based CMMS where you can try preventive, corrective, predictive, and condition-based maintenance. 

Other than that, you can manage the entire operation of the company from any device or mobile app. Not only that, but CMMS helps to assure more accountability within teams and organizations. No matter which business portfolio you have, Axxerion’s latest technology can optimize your business operation and bring scalability to the work. 

Though CMMS is highly effective, it has some common myths in the market. Some of these myths are:

  1. CMMS requires high levels of technical expertise to operate.
  2. It is too expensive for any enterprise.
  3. CMMS improves business indicators overnight.
  4. You can only use it for preventive maintenance.
  5. Installing CMMS can destabilize network security. 
  6. The success rate is low with CMMS software.

You will find tons more other myths about CMMS software. Bust those myths and try it yourself for some real-time experience. Once you use it, you will get to know how CMMS helps boost your home office productivity. 

Work Home Environment

For some of us, it is really difficult to bring the office environment to our homes. Make a routine to cultivate working skills with intermittent short tea breaks. Make sure you sip tea or coffee to get some caffeine in your brain. Your energy level has a direct correlation to work productivity.  

To overcome the home environment challenge, dress yourself in office attire to lift your mood and help feel like you are back at work. If possible, pick a separate room to work in. Also try to avoid pets and kids in your office timing. They can distract your focus, and your work productivity may fall drastically. 

Working at home has other challenges like social media distractions. You may get curious and log into Facebook every half an hour, which drains your work productivity. Other than that, you may face power loss or poor internet connection during work hours. 

Make a proper schedule and plan where you can fill these loopholes and add more productivity to your work. Also, let other family members know that you are “at the office” even if you are physically at home. 

Time Management 

Make a to-do checklist and plan it before you begin working for time management. To make the home office more productive and maintain a perfect timing of workflow, try some online tools. Some of the best online tools for home office include:

Shared Documents: Google docs, Dropbox, etc.

Team Communication: Slack, Whatsapp online, etc.

Video Conference: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

Tasks and Project Management: Trello, Air Table, Novatools, etc. 

Using online tools and tracking timely records correctly can enhance the overall productivity of your business. Also, strong communication saves time and prevents wasted work hours. You get to know where you are lacking and what to do in the next steps. 

Give Importance to Remote Communication

To improve productivity in the home office, you have to emphasize more on remote communication. Try to know what hurdles your team members are facing and what the main challenges are. Unless you get to know where other members are stuck, the entire process slows down. 

Have regular meetings, call them, and/or use social media to find the latest updates. Also, this coronavirus can put mental pressure on some of your colleagues. Try to lift their mood from mental depression by having a good chat with them. You never know who might need it. 

Take A look On Latest Updates

Every day there is new breaking news and more regulations coming from governments. Take a look at what the current trend is and share it in company meetings if they do not share it with you first. Your business is not outside the globe, so tracking the latest news can help redesign your company’s plan. 

Other than that, look at the latest updates from clients and do some market research to understand its changeable dimension. The coronavirus also provides some opportunities to topple your competitors. For that, you have to be smart and plan it well for your business.  

Don’t Forget Hygiene

Even if you have a home office, don’t neglect your hygiene. The virus can stay on your keyboard, and you never know when it invades your body. So, follow the health guidelines to stay healthy during lockdown days.

Use hand sanitizer to kill germs and all possible viruses often. If not possible, wash your hands with soap or liquid handwashes for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you wash your hands repeatedly every one or two hours. 

Spray some disinfectant solution on the most used items. This can be your phone, mouse, keyboard, or TV remote controls. Also, clean your floors with disinfectant, mopping your floors regularly. Make sure you are using tissues every time you sneeze as well.   

Final Verdict

COVID-19 pushed most offices to strictly work from home. This is a new era where people are learning their potential alternatives to being in an office. Who knows? This can be the future trend to run a successful business. Let’s find some hope somewhere in this misery.