Why is the right software essential to glass companies?

Glass companies, like all others, face challenges when it comes to managing so many different aspects of running a business. It can seem overwhelming to handle workflow, invoicing, payments, timesheets, payroll and much more using a couple or a few different systems. Thankfully there are companies out there that have identified the needs for a “one-fits-all” type of software that allows owners and managers to manage their business with a simple, yet effective, technology. GlassManager is a software specifically geared for glaziers and to help them run their glass business effortlessly.

The right software can be the difference between struggling to keep everything organized and managing your business so effectively that it frees up time for other things to get done.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in the right software for your glass business

  • Comprehensive business management: from quoting to scheduling and getting the work done, all the way through invoicing and reconciling. This can all be achieved under GlassManager.
  • Enhanced client experience: online approvals and payments, professional-looking quotes and invoices, standardized emails and follow ups – you already provide outstanding service, now give them part of the best features GlassManager has to offer.
  • Get paid faster: your customers quickly sign-off on work done and get invoiced. You can collect payments on our Payment Processor and get the cash flowing in a fast and accurate manner.

Innovation is key to success and investing in the right software for your business is essential to staying relevant and keeping a competitive edge.

Here are some valid reasons why you should definitely invest in glass software for your business

  • It makes your overall business management extremely comprehensive. Starting from scheduling work to accounting to proper selling of products and services, everything can be done effortlessly with software.
  • It enhances the client experience with your services. Having a website makes selling and buying both effortless. Clients can browse through your services or products, ask for a quote and do a lot more via the software. The effortless execution and maintenance make your clients’ experience better at the same time.
  • A software will facilitate effortless accounting and billing as well. How much profits are incoming and every other aspect associated with accounting, everything will be maintained and recorded with the help of the software, so no more confusion and disputes happening with your calculations and management.

If you are struggling to get the right glass shop management software for your business or don’t know where to start, then GlassManager is your one-stop solution. GlassManager is run by a team of dedicated specialists and developers who will leave no stone unturned to allow you to focus on running your business with a smart and simple solution.

We pledge to provide a fully customizable glass software with amazing features, some of which include

  • App: you will be getting an app that is adaptable for either mobile or computer usage and through which you can efficiently manage your company operations, check your employees’ productivity, assign work, and a lot more.
  • Create estimates and quotes: you can effortlessly create estimates and quotes in minutes, create templates for the jobs you do the most and send them for approval online.
  • Proper work management: with GlassManager’s software, you can manage your company’s operations effortlessly. You can check who is assigned which work, track down all the documents, and compare estimated labour and material to actuals.
  • Real-time dashboard: you can check the status of your operations through a dashboard.
  • Accounting software integration: you can integrate the GlassManager software with accounting software to facilitate accounting and avoid double entries.
  • Effortless work scheduling: you can assign tasks to your employees and keep track of items that still need to be assigned.

Other features include

  • Preparing and standardizing invoices and also managing payments by processing multiple transactions easily.
  • Create detailed documents about your clients, accumulate every little information associated with them using the software.
  • Indulge in comprehensive material management.
  • Initiate AIA format billing.