Who Should Be Present At A Home Inspection?

Home inspection evokes different feelings in the buyer and seller of a property. It helps the buyer to understand the condition of the house so they know if they are getting the best value for their money while it may be the complete opposite for the seller.

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Most sellers who have not carried out a pre-listing inspection may view home inspection as an unfriendly exercise that can cause them to lose a sale or become less profitable because they do not know what unwanted surprises will arise from the inspection.

In this article, we will discuss extensively on who should attend a home inspection. Did you just mention the home inspector? That’s correct. But who else aside the inspector? Find out in the ensuing paragraphs.

  1. The home inspector: He is responsible for the assessment of the property in accordance with the state’s safety law. These are key areas the Inspector would put his focus: Structural issues, Old/Damaged roof, Water systems, Plumbing system, Insect and Pest Infestation, Faults in the heating or cooling systems, Examination of woodwork, furniture, appliances amongst others.

While it is the responsibility of the home inspector to coordinate the inspection, depending on who employs his service, it is either the buyer or seller who can determine who attends the inspection.

  1. Buyer or his agent: It is advisable for the buyer to be present at an inspection event. However if he can’t be present, he should send his agent or both of them should be present. If the buyer employs the service of the inspector, the seller is not advised to be present as his presence may prevent the buyer from asking questions.

It’s been observed that buyers find it easier to understand the home inspection report if they were present during the inspection.

  1. The seller: the only instance when a seller is recommended to be present for a home inspection is when it is a pre listing exercise, this affords him the opportunity to understand the condition of the house and he will be able to better communicate the repairs that need to be done to the repairs and maintenance professionals.

Asides these people, it is generally not advised for other parties to be present during the home inspection as it may result in overcrowding. Such parties include:

  • Listing agents: If the buyer is paying for the home inspection exercise it is generally believed that the listing agent may seem like an intruder and can prevent the buyer from holding private conversation with the inspection on the nature of the building.
  • Family members of the buyer: property purchase has an emotional attachment. Bringing close friends and other family members may lead to the buyer being overly cautious and hence they find fault with almost everything because they don’t want to get it wrong.