What is Smooth Love Potion?

Anyone who is involved in business knows the impact SaaS applications have had across the majority of sectors. Software as a Service has, after all, enabled companies to use the latest online software packages to handle HR, enterprise resource planning and much more in an efficient, flexible manner.

SaaS has also had an impact in the financial sector and this can certainly be seen when it comes to investing. Most people, for example, invest through SaaS-style platforms online, which make it easy to access global financial markets. One asset that is popular on these platforms is cryptocurrencies – as the latest cryptocurrency prices show, there are lots of coins to invest in and many that are performing well.

One of the newer coins on the market is Smooth Love Potion – but what exactly is it?

What is SLP?

As noted above, there are lots of coins you could get involved with via top online crypto exchanges. While those who have invested in Terra will keep an eye on the latest Luna price, and those who have put money into Monero will keep tabs on that, SLP is an alternative many are turning to.

But what should you know about it?

This next-gen crypto asset was launched in October 2020 and has seen prices perform well in general since. SLP is the in-game token of the popular blockchain-based title Axie Infinity. This NFT-backed title is fast gaining fans and uses Smooth Love Potion coins to enable players to breed, buy and sell characters.

What else is there to find out about SLP?

Just as there are many types of SaaS applications to discover, there are lots of different crypto assets to find out about for investors. But what else is there to know about Smooth Love Potion?

To begin with, this is a coin that delivers real monetary value to Axie Infinity gamers, who use it when playing. As an ERC-20 coin, it can also be staked. This sees players lock their Smooth Love Potion tokens to gain percentage-based rewards on them over time. As well as selling SLP on an exchange, this is another way in which people can use this coin to make money.

As well as buying these tokens via crypto exchanges, players can actually earn them as they play. You could, for example, move into PvE Adventure Mode to pick up SLP, battle other players in the PvP Arena or get involved in in-game events that award SLP tokens.

Where could Smooth Love Potion head next?

When it comes to investing in this coin, the Smooth Love price is naturally a subject that comes up. This is not only in terms of previous and current performance but also where it could head next. If we look back at how this coin has performed previously, the signs are promising.

July 2021, for example, saw it average $30m in daily sales and experience a triple-digit price move upwards. This shows that SLP is a coin with the potential for major upward price jumps and one that has good liquidity in the market.

What else has SLP got going for it?

Although it is always hard to say for sure what will happen next with any crypto asset, SLP is one that seems to have a lot going for it. This could well help it secure a bright future and perform well in terms of price in the future.

As well as a historic positive performance overall, you have to look at the practical use the coin has in the real world. It is a coin that people not only value but also one they need to perform certain tasks in-game. As a result, this helps it become a coin that people buy and which people invest in.

It is also worth noting that the rising popularity of Axie Infinity as a game could help SLP perform well in future. As more people begin to play this title, they will naturally need SLP tokens to do so. This could not only push the demand for this coin higher but also its price.

The design of the game could also help with a greater increase in demand and price moving ahead. As the number of SLP tokens decreases each time a character is bred in-game, this could lead to a higher demand as more people start to play it.

What should you know about Smooth Love Potion?

Although bigger names like Ethereum might still rule the roost in crypto, alternatives such as SLP are catching up to them. When you consider that this coin is linked to a very popular NFT-based online game and has real-world monetary value for players, it is no surprise to see it gaining so much traction.