What are the benefits of Experience Cloud for the High Tech Industry?

Is your high-tech business struggling to maintain a competitive edge and high customer satisfaction in an environment where consumer needs are frequently changing?

According to a 2018 report by PwC, 1 in 3 clients will leave a business they have been loyal to after just a single awful experience. To survive and maintain a competitive edge, high-tech organizations are forced to iterate and develop captivating digital experiences that consistently satisfy their customers. But, achieving this is not an easy feat, unless your business has the right tools.

That is where Salesforce Experience Cloud comes in!

Salesforce allows high-tech companies to create the next generation of digital experiences. How? Through the easy development of CRM-powered websites, portals, forums, apps, and more. By leveraging CRM data, using companies can develop digital personas and develop solutions that speak directly to each customer.

This allows companies to deliver content that is relevant to each customer and their stage in their buyer journeys, resulting in immense customer satisfaction.

How is Experience Cloud transforming the high-tech community?

High-tech businesses that have adopted Experience Cloud have seen tremendous increases in sales. Small wonder, considering the personalized digital experiences that significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Let us look at the various ways Experience Cloud is creating value for organizations and customers in the high-tech community.

Enhanced Customer Service

Whenever customers have questions about your business, they usually want to get the answers promptly. Reliance on human resources only to respond to customer queries can make case resolution a slow process.

Thanks to Experience Cloud your business can easily build AI-powered self-service systems that allow customers to self-serve. Knowledge articles in Salesforce are accessible through customer portals allowing customers to quickly find answers to the most common questions.

Existing customers who are experts on certain subjects can offer solutions to other customers through Salesforce community knowledge accessible through easy-to-build forums. If customers cannot self-serve through AI-powered or community-powered Salesforce knowledge management systems, their cases can be escalated to agents through live chat.

The answers from the support team can be made available to other customers. As agents resolve more cases, companies can manage Salesforce knowledge by adding the case resolution details to the Salesforce knowledge base increasing case deflection and customer engagement.

Boost Business Growth with Partner Portals

If you are selling services or products through other business partners, the Partner Portal allows you to give your business partners access to parts of your system applicable to their business processes.

This will allow your resellers to generate quotes, capture new leads, create deals, and onboard new customers without relying on your human resources. Giving your partners this control and freedom speeds up the process by which customers are served.

Achieve Next-Generation Data Analysis

According to CBInsights, of the startup companies that fail, 42% fail because they cannot correctly read the demands of the markets they are in. High-tech businesses require a lot of data and insights to make decisions that allow them to be up-to-date with market needs and trends, and to stay ahead of their competitors. To gain these insights, your company can utilize the easy-to-implement and understandable AI models in Experience Cloud, which are built with clicks-not-code, to develop insights, predict what comes next, and make informed decisions.

More Personalized and Targeted Marketing

Because all your customer data is integrated into one place that is your CRM. your business can use this CRM data to add personalization to marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts will be more targeted and you will enjoy higher conversion rates. Customer and partner portals can also be personalized to cater to the needs of each customer, increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

One of the benefits of using Experience cloud is that your high-tech organization can leverage CRM data and powerful tools contained in Experience Cloud to adapt your business processes for the future.

Thanks to next-generation analytics, you can automate the business modeling and forecasting processes. Leveraging on the AppExchange, ready-made apps can be deployed or customized with great speed and ease to take advantage of new opportunities and meet customer demands faster.

The whole suite of Experience Cloud features can be used to quickly drive your company’s digital transformation.

5 advantages of Experience Cloud integration into IT and High-tech businesses

  • Experience cloud is comfortable to use and for the most part, does not require coding to build and deploy sites, forms, and portals.
  • Solutions can be quickly deployed and are highly customizable to suit the needs of the business.
  • Data can be easily managed and manipulated to create reports and draw insights.
  • Existing apps are customizable and when none of them satisfy your needs you can still develop your own.
  • Businesses can build a knowledge management system in Salesforce that can increase customer engagement and case deflection.

Final Note

If you need additional info and want to fully enjoy the Salesforce benefits for high-tech organizations, contact us today.

Our experts at Advanced Communities will help you discover new and innovative ways to engage with your customers, create a community around your brand, and give your clients an unparalleled digital experience.

Our expertise and knowledge from the myriad of Salesforce projects we have worked on can help you succeed with Salesforce and Experience Cloud in ways that will leave you feeling confident about the future of your business.