What are the Advantages of Composable Commerce?

In today’s era, where almost everything is now reliant on technology, it is very important for businesses to find technological solutions and applications to make different aspects of the company move faster while still being efficient. For businesses to adapt to the fast-growing technology-focused industries, they would need to have digital commerce or e-commerce platforms, which are supposed to be applied to businesses to make it easier for employees and owners to do various tasks, like selling products or services to more customers, monitoring sales, and finding issues within various divisions or clusters of the business.

There are now different types of digital commerce platforms for you to choose from, and one of the newest and arguably the fastest-growing types are composable commerce. To know more about this type of digital commerce, here are details about composable commerce and its benefits for businesses.

What is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce is a type of digital commerce wherein you will be able to choose parts and components that you need to make the optimal e-commerce platform for your business. So, if there are certain services or components that you don’t need in an e-commerce service, you can just remove them and retain the ones you really need.

As the name of this digital commerce type already suggests, “composable commerce,” you will have the opportunity to “compose” a customized e-commerce platform with only the services and parts you need to make your business run smoothly on the internet or other digital means.

Composable Commerce and PBCs

In order for composable commerce to achieve a highly customizable platform for businesses, they would merge several PBCs or Packaged Business Capabilities and then weed out the components of those PBCs that aren’t needed by a specific business. With the ability to choose the PBCs you need, composable commerce gives you a platform that is simple, concise, and flexible.

If you don’t know, PBCs are features of a program or software that performs a specific function for a business or for the business’ website. One of the best examples of a PBC is a digital shopping cart within a website, which tracks the items you added to your potential order, the pricing of those items, and the checkout feature that asks for payment and shipping details.

Another example of a PBC is the data storage system used to store the information of a customer’s account to make it easier to log in again. With composable commerce, you will have the chance to get these PBCs and merge them to create the perfect online or digital platform for your business.

What are the Advantages of Composable Commerce?

There are many reasons why composable commerce is getting more and more popular today, and these reasons are connected to the benefits that it provides for businesses. Here are some of the advantages of having composable commerce for a business.


One of the main reasons why composable commerce is popular is that it is very flexible. As evident in what we discussed earlier, composable commerce is a highly customizable platform, so it also offers flexibility since you can add components or PBCs to your business’s digital commerce on the fly without the need to apply for another e-commerce service or solution.

Easy to Apply for Businesses

What’s great about composable commerce is that it is relatively easier to understand compared to other types of digital commerce, which would then make it easier to apply to businesses. A reason why composable commerce is easy to understand is that you only need to learn about the PBCs that you need for your business or the ones you are interested in.

In other types of e-commerce platforms, you may often need to understand some of their aspects that your business won’t need, as it is often connected to the PBCs that you actually want to use. So, with composable commerce, you will have a much simpler platform that can conveniently and quickly be applied to your business.

Makes the Processes More Concise

Because you don’t have to deal with PBCs, components, or services that you don’t really need for your business, you can make the different aspects and processes of the company more concise and focused. This is possible through the simplicity of composable commerce, which provides you with everything you need without any excesses or unnecessary fillers.

The conciseness of composable commerce will give the business better focus instead of dealing with the convoluted mess that some types of e-commerce platforms provide.

Have Better Control of the Platform

Because composable commerce is concise and easier to understand, businesses will actually have better control of how their e-commerce platform operates, as they will be able to see what other PBCs they would want for the business while also checking the ones that should be removed for convenience.

The customizable platform enables businesses to have unique sets of PBCs that are stacked according to their preferences, so some may have an entirely different experience from other businesses in terms of utilizing composable commerce.

Open Environment

Another great benefit of composable commerce is the open environment or ecosystem that it provides, so businesses are free to add third-party programs, accelerators, and other services and solutions they will need to improve the online and digital aspects of the business. Like we have said earlier, composable commerce is highly customizable, and you can even extend its reach on your business by adding more and more apps, programs, and PBCs.

Through the pieces of information we have provided above, we hope that you now have a better understanding of what composable commerce is. Of course, we have just offered you the basics of composable commerce, and for you to learn more, you may need to inquire about this type of e-commerce platform later to companies that actually offer it. But for now, you should spend some time thinking about what type of online or digital commerce you should get for your business and what you think is great to use in the long run.