Ways To Ace Your Next Olympiad

The very first step towards a successful score in the International Mathematics Olympiad is getting to know the syllabus. For any Math Olympiad conducted by whichever organisation concerned will have a fixed syllabus for each grade as specified. This syllabus may be similar to what the usual school curr8vuolum demands from the students or sometimes it may be included with more concepts than an average student if any class might know or might need extra in-depth knowledge on the already learnt existing topics under the syllabus.

The students are to get themselves to go through the syllabus and mark the topics that they might already know or are familiar with. The second step would be to form a strategy to complete the syllabus as prescribed for the exam. In order to firm the best plan of study students should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and should especially with respect to the subject. This way students can figure out a proper allocation of time and resources for each topic in such a manner that the topics that require more focus gets it and extra time will not be wasted on the areas which need less attention.

It is important to make such a strategy for a long term basis as it will be extremely draining and near to impossible to study everything under a few days with limited time. But the most difficult part in this step is not to formulate a timetable but to stick to it throughout. This is somewhere that most students falter as at some point it might become overwhelming for them. To avoid this, students should always be precautious to design a sensible strategy with adequate intervals and scope for breaks in between.

With a sense of relaxation and not rushing, it will be easier for students to concentrate and learn more efficiently than with a tensed mind and a pressure-induced working strategy. The next step is to start learning the theory part. At this stage, students will need to make an effort to understand and comprehend every detail in each topic. Here it is essential that the students get a deep and in-depth understanding of every area of study.

Students can take the help of classes in schools or tuitions or even still can get study materials and video lectures on the internet. NCERT books prescribed for class 7 mathematics is an excellent source to learn key concepts as it has detailed explanations and various examples to make students understand them. The books are structured in such a way that it has tips and small boxes of extra information that will further hike the students. It is also designed to accommodate age-appropriate illustrations that make learning fun for the young students of class 7.

While getting on to the road to performing better in olympiads, the next stage is to start working out questions based on the topics covered under the syllabus. There are many workbooks available in the market that are published by the authorities concerned to help students with their preparations. But apart from these, there are publications by different agencies that include relevant and important questions essential for scoring better in the olympiads that may be compiled by stalwarts and experts in mathematics. These workbooks are a prominent source that provides students with the needed amount of exercises on each topic. They usually contain chapter wise division of questions and also have within them, a number of questions ranging from easy to difficult as needed. Working these out will leave the students with a better chance of being able to solve more questions in the exam. Students are advised to go over these workbooks again and again until they are thorough with every kind of question as it will enable them to lose less time figuring out the method to use in each of the problems.

Solving the workbooks is the primary essential thing after which the students need to move on to solving sample question papers and also the question papers from the previous years’. Exams like Olympiads have a unique pattern that is generally followed which is a lot different from the normal school exams students are usually familiar with. Math Olympiad exams have various sections included in the paper to test the aptitude of students in different areas such as mathematical reasoning, logical reasoning etc. and the question paper is commonly framed to include only Multiple Choice Questions.

With such a projecting difference in the structure and pattern of the entire exam, students most assuredly need to be familiar with it before turning up for the exam. Solving the previous years’ questions papers also has an advantage in the sense that most often questions tend to repeat over time and this will ensure that the students will not miss those questions and can score the deserved marks. These question papers can be availed separately or along with the workbooks or guides purchased. Many IMO Sample Papers For Class 7 with Answers are available on the internet so as to make it easier for students to answer them. Students can conduct mock tests within their homes before the exams and get to know how well they might do in the exams. Since the answer keys for the previous years’ question papers are already published students will be able to cross-check their answers and evaluate themselves. It will also further assist the students in correcting their mistakes and learning from them so as to not repeat them again.

Once students are confident with the theory and the concepts they have under the syllabus and once they have solved enough and more questions they are ready to write the exam exceptionally well. For competitive exams like Maths Olympiads, it is of utmost importance for students to be consistent to their maximum with regard to their efforts, but it is also significant that the student has an unfaltering likeness towards mathematics as it is usually passion that drives the students best towards hard work.