Using the Instagram Stories Feature to Captivate and Build Your Tribe

To many people, Instagram might seem like a simple app you can use to check on your friends, get Instagram free followers, keep up with what everyone is up to and enjoy some pictures of your favorite celebrities. However, there are plenty of people who are using the power of Instagram to build brands, network with influential people and gain financial freedom. Know that you can make this happen for yourself. The average person can work hard, follow a few key steps and gain success. While Instagram might seem like such a big app with so many features, it’s a great idea to start small and master the Stories feature have a 1000 free Instagram followers trial. Consider the following ways you can get started.

The Importance of Offering Value

If you want to build a tribe of loyal followers and customers, you need to make sure you’re providing something of value. Whether you’re an author who writes incredibly inspiring fiction or you’re a hairdresser who creates amazing transformations in women, you’ll need to discover what you’re going to offer the world. People aren’t just going to follow you just because you’re who you are. You need to give them a reason to want to hand over the money and support whatever cause you’re involved in. If you’re not sure what you have to offer, get clear on that first. Ask trust-worthy family members and friends to help you point out some of the skills you have that you can monetize. Sometimes, the skills and talents that come naturally to you tend to be the ones that you overlook. However, those same skills and talents tend to be the ones that can make you a pretty penny.

Developing a Distinct and Interesting Style

Once you’ve taken time out to discover which skills you’re going to monetize, you can build a business that’s optimized for you to share on Instagram. As you share more about your business through your Instagram Stories feature, try to find ways to mix things up. If you’re constantly promoting your business with each story, your followers will get bored. Instead, make it interesting by sharing the behind-the-scenes footage of your day. If you mix up the business content with lifestyle content, it’ll be a lot more interesting for your followers to remain engaged. If you do a quick story snapshot that shows your morning breakfast, follow it up with a story videos of you at the gym getting your morning workout done. Then, you can go ahead and post your first advertisement or shot that talks about your business. If you own a clothing boutique, you can share a few shots of new pieces that are in the shop. Develop a routine that works for you so that your followers can recognize your stories when they come across them.


When you’re not consistent with your Stories, it’s very easy to get pushed to the end of the line of Stories. Most people follow hundreds of accounts. Knowing this, it’s not good to get visibility because it’s actually very easy for that to happen. The key is to make sure you always maintain interesting content within any given 24-hour period. It’s not very difficult to maintain. In fact, it’s okay to plan some of your content in advance. It might feel contrived or forced because you’d want to post in real-time. However, remember that this is directly attached to a business effort. If this were a personal account, you could post sporadically. However, when you’re using it as a platform to help you gain sales, earn profits and build wealth, you need to take it seriously.

Creative Engagement and Feedback 

A lot of people tend to become more bold within the Stories feature because they feel like they have direct access to you. Knowing this, if you were to ask for feedback, be prepared for a bunch of messages in your inbox. The Stories section is pretty cool because there are features that allow you to host polls and give people room to ask or answer particular questions. Use these features regularly so that you can hear from your followers. This will make them feel like they have some sort of voice within your brand. Plus, if people are talking back to you, this means that they’re engaged and invested.

Calls to Action

Always maintain a call to action on a regular basis. If you want to maintain a profitable business, use a profit margin calculator for more info on the type of numbers you’ll need to generate in order to achieve certain financial goals within the business. One you know your numbers, you can break down your sales goals into daily goals. Your call to action might involve asking your followers to swipe up and check out the new additions to the store. Another call to action might redirect the followers to the link within your bio. If you don’t communicate what you want people to do, they won’t know to do it.