Urban Hobbies that will Turbocharge Your Weekend

The ancient practice of meditation requires you to cease your thought flow to clean your consciousness and relax. Did you know that intense involvement in an activity does the same thing? In the era of social distancing, the World Health Organization has issued guidance on how people can look after their mental health. Regular eating, sleeping, hygiene, and exercise are considered to be vital. But if strict order is not for you, taking up a hobby might help. Here are some that everyone can afford.

*Note that some tips regarding cannabis apply only to certain countries and states where it is legal.

Visiting Places of Interest

We’re getting rid of social restrictions. Time to use this to the fullest! Let it be a truly memorable experience – visit unconventional places of interest. As you’ll see, these trips aren’t supposed to be traditional. Pick up what makes you feel curious – even if it requires a stardawg strain examination in a local cannabis museum.

Here’s an idea: Mystery Castle in Phoenix, AZ, built of unusual materials; the International Banana Museum in California, the largest museum devoted to one fruit; The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, the oldest museum of marihuana; Alaska’s abandoned bus (currently in a museum), where Christopher McCandless died in 1992. If you’ve watched the movie “Into the Wild,” you know this story.

This works even better if your nine to five days are not overloaded with communication. The presence of people of different nationalities and the sound of a foreign language is a sign that everything’s back to normal and that the world keeps turning.

Urban Exploration

This totally urban activity can be thought of as a hobby or as a complex of hobbies. The main point of urbex is to research everything to do with a city: its buildings, catacombs, storm drains, underground tunnels, abandoned and in-use buildings. Sometimes it includes gaining access to secured or “member-only” areas. Half of such exploration will be declared trespassing, so be cautious and don’t risk your neck. Have a pleasant walk to a distant district of your city where you’ve never been before.

Why can urbex be a complex of hobbies? Well, it requires you to be quite sporty; you’ll be twice as mesmerized by urbex if you’re good at history; sometimes, photo and video documentation are required too. If you’re a fan of video editing, you might want to create a thrilling story from your go-pro camera – when visiting catacombs, for instance. There are a few bloggers out there streaming this kind of content. Often it is marked as ghost-hunting.

Once again – choose carefully where to go. Nobody wants to mess up with local authorities.


City life can be exhausting and a perfect way to spend a weekend is to stay away from the chaos. Can you relate to this? Then here’s another idea: gardening.

Growing your garden is a perfect therapeutic activity. And practical, too, once it starts bearing fruit. A few plants on the windowsill or a wild backyard garden – it depends on how much practice you had before. As a novice, don’t try to set up a botanical gallery. A few plants will be enough – tomatoes are easy to grow, as well as scallion. Stardawg strain is a good option for beginners, too. Climate issues shouldn’t affect your yield, with the gardening market being stuffed with equipment and fertilizers.

What a pleasure to watch your efforts turn into a visible result within a few weeks. Our ancestors did the same and managed to survive!

Street Art

You may have noticed that some graffiti are particularly impressive and can be considered a modern work of art. You’ve heard of Banksy, right? If you need further inspiration, Google Stockholm subway stations, and you’ll find out that graffiti is implemented into everyday life there. The streets of Berlin, Belgrade, and New York are one great exhibition of this art. Talented people put their souls into such works, and you might be one of them.

There’s a special website dedicated to legal graffiti, where you can find the nearest graffiti-approved wall for self-expressing. Grab your palls from the office and draw graffiti of your boss. A team Building idea for a weekend!


Festivals are a magic tool for awakening the slumbering talents and letting go of all the energy that had to be trapped for the sake of performing professional duties. If you’re a painter, musician, dancer, singer, or designer – check up on the schedule for festivals in your city. As a guest there, you can draw inspiration for your ideas and projects.

Besides, festivals are a source of like-minded people with whom you can share some delicious drink or stardawg strain. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Burning Man Festival are the most promoted, but you also can enjoy The Chalk Festival or some improvised Comic-Con. If you’re lucky enough to get to participate, then your hobby will bring you much more than just a switch from your daily routine.

Final thoughts

Planning your weekends is key to a productive work week, as you have something to count on after finishing your tasks. As you can see, living in a city has its benefits when deciding on leisure activities. Your interests deserve to be nurtured – and then they’ll help you to feel alive.