Travel Watch: Why A Tudor Black Bay Is Great for Travelers

Gone are the days where a person would buy watches for time checking. Instead, people are now looking for timepieces with extra designs. These features can include water resistance, automatic movement, and many strap options.

That is why many luxury watch brands stepped up their game today. You can now see various timepiece types. One example is a diver’s watch with a water resistance level that is suitable for a diver. These companies also craft timepieces for other professions, including engineers, aviators, and explorers.

For business people and travelers, having a luxury watch appropriate for long travel has become essential. Yet, you would also want to make a statement and be stylish wherever you go. This situation is where a particular luxury watch comes in. Did you know that the Tudor Black Bay is excellent for travelers? Find out the reasons why by reading more of this article below.

Interchangeable Time Zone

If you are a traveler or a business person, buying a Tudor Black Bay can help you during long-distance travels. How? The Tudor Black Bay comprises various collections, including GMT, that allows you to view two time zones simultaneously.

But how does it work? The Tudor Black Bay GMT has a 24-hour rotatable bezel. You can rotate that and set the watch according to your preferred time zone. Keep in mind that GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time which is the standard schedule worldwide. GMT is also the primary time zone for this particular Tudor Black Bay collection, hence the name.

To keep track of the current hours, you should know how to differentiate between two time zones. There are a total of four short and long hands on the watch. The normal-looking hands indicate the primary time zone. Meanwhile, the snowflake or diamond-type of hands is the second time zone that you set in the timepiece.

Tudor Black Bay GMT also displays two colors in its rotatable bezel, mainly blue and red. Thus, it can help identify both daylight and night hours. The color red indicates the daylight hours, while blue corresponds to nighttime. A clever feature, don’t you think so?

Water Resistance Level of 200 Meters

One vital criterion when buying a luxury watch for travel is durability, and Tudor Black Bay can deliver your expectations. How? Tudor has designed this particular collection to withstand all kinds of elements, including water.

This particular Tudor watch features 200-meter water resistance. As a result, it is wearable during swimming, snorkelling, and poolside diving. The timepiece is indeed excellent, especially when you encounter certain weather conditions like rain while traveling. You also don’t have to worry when washing your hands since the watch can withstand slight splashes on the sink.

However, you should take note that Tudor Black Bay might not be capable of withstanding scuba diving activities. Take the watch off on your wrist before scuba diving to avoid destroying the timepiece.

Luminescent Hour Markers

Are you tired of not being able to check the watch clearly during nighttime? Do not worry. Another cool feature of Tudor Black Bay watches is their luminescent hour markers. This detail is excellent for travelers, especially when light is scarce within an area. One example is during camping in the woods where the place is dark. But how does it work?

The luminescent hour markers illuminate in a dark-colored (mainly black) dial. This feature ensures legibility that allows you to see the current hour during nighttime. However, this feature is only available for several Tudor Black Bay timepieces, such as the GMT.

Sapphire Crystals

Traveling can damage your watch over time if the timepiece is not made with quality materials. Thankfully, Tudor incorporates Sapphire Crystals on Black Bay watches. It adds durability and strength to the watch, which is perfect, especially for clumsy people.

Sapphire Crystals scores nine out of ten on the Mohs scale, along with Ruby. It is one level below the Diamond and means that it is more durable than other crystals. That makes the timepiece scratch-resistant, strong, and durable. It helps you prevent damaging your watch on long-distance travels and harsh weather conditions. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Outstanding Timepiece Design

Let’s face it. The design is one thing that people consider when buying a watch, and Tudor does not disappoint. Of course, you would want to make a style statement when traveling and meeting new people.

But what design does this particular collection have? Black Bay timepieces feature a vintage-style appearance suitable for any occasion, from formal gatherings to adventure. You would not need to worry about your outfit of the day since it compliments your wardrobe nicely.

Most Black Bay watches are also large, which is perfect if you want to flex the timepiece. However, it may look weird when wearing it to formal gatherings where you will need to wear a tux or suit, so you have to choose wisely.

Lots of History

You get to meet many people when you travel. However, it can get awkward when there is no topic to talk about with your friend. This situation is where the history of Tudor Black Bay comes in, where you can use it as a topic to start your conversation.

Tudor Black Bay has its significant history since its iconic reboot in 2012. You can also talk about Lady Gaga being an endorser for this brand, which is an excellent topic since she is famous.

Final Word

People nowadays look for watches with additional features such as water resistance, automatic movement, and many strap options. For travelers and even business people, having a timepiece that offers travel features has become a necessity.

One primary travel-related feature of the Tudor Black Bay is the Interchangeable Time Zone. It allows you to set two different time zones simultaneously, which helps whenever you are confused about the current hour.

Other watch features that are also worth mentioning are its Luminescent Hour Markers and Sapphire Crystals. Indeed, a watch that is great for traveling.