Top Watch Brands in Nebraska

Looking to buy a watch in Nebraska but don’t know what to get? Well, fret not, because in this article we’ve collated five of the best watch brands you can buy in the state. From classic Swiss watchmakers to Japanese ones, getting an affordable wrist watch or a luxury timepiece within the state is easier than ever. Here are five to top watch brands to check out:

Audemars Piguet

When we talk about Audemars Piguet, you would think that big cities like New York, California, Singapore, London, etc. would be the perfect complement to such an international brand. Still, one of the company’s most famous watches, the Royal Oak Offshore seems to be a favorite among the rich and wealthy in Nebraska.

But Audemars Piguet, or AP, as most enthusiasts call the brand, has more to it than just the Royal Oak line. The new Code 11.59 holds not only drool-worthy timepieces, but the line is also outfitted with new technologies in quality top of the line materials. Additionally, the Jules Audemars line is also worth looking at. They’re classic looking and oozing with understated elegance.


Tissot is another brand that’s popular in the cornhusker state. Tissot is one of the more affordable Swiss watchmakers, with retail stores all over the world. It’s timepieces signify affordable luxury, as when you’re sporting one, you’ll instantly fall in love with how it fits. Plus, the connoisseurs and enthusiasts will certainly notice what you’re wearing.

So what to get from Tissot you may ask? Well, the Tissot Gentleman is a nice starter automatic watch that’s not only versatile; it can also translate well to casual occasions with the right strap and styling. With this brand, look for the Powermatic 80 movement. That’s not saying a quartz movement from the brand is not a preferred choice, but if you want to get a watch that will last you possibly a lifetime, get a watch with a mechanical or automatic movement.


A staple in US watchmakers, Timex is the brand to go to when you want a quick, easy, and accessible watch to gift for any occasion. The brand is a hit worldwide and has been the flagbearer of quartz movement watches that are stylish and economical. In Nebraska, Timex watch retailers and stores are present in any malls, so you won’t have a hard time getting one.

The brand has certainly been around the industry, and while it’s famed for its quartz watches, the company also has timepieces with an automatic movement. Explore the Expedition line from the brand, and chances are you’ll find the right watch for everyday use. Because Timex is affordable, you can even get 2-3 watches from different collections to complement your wardrobe.


A classic Japanese brand for watch enthusiasts the world over, Seiko may not be the most popular brand in this list, but what it has is the heritage and craftsmanship that’s singularly Japanese. Most watch enthusiasts will let you know that the brand has one, if not the best, automatic movement collections among watch brands worldwide.

That’s the revamped Seiko Sports 5 for you. Plus, with Seiko, you won’t have to pay astronomical prices to get your very first mechanical or automatic watch. For comparison, a Seiko automatic watch can be had for more than half the price of a Tissot Powermatic! The best part? Seiko watches can go toe-to-toe with Swiss brands when it comes to sheer power and features alone.


Another Swiss bigshot in watchmaking, Omega watches are a staple in any serious watch collector. The brand is in the luxury category alongside Rolex, Blancpain, and others, but what sets the brand apart is its focus on creating some of the best watches in different categories, like the divers watch. The Seamaster 300m is the standard for divers watches around the world, as well as the NASA-certified Speedmaster.

Omega isn’t shy on the marketing front either as they’ve been utilizing social media for promotions on their timepieces. If you want to check out some of their best pieces, there is an Omega boutique in Borsheim’s. You may want to call first if you need an appointment for showing though.


Let’s face it, when you’re in Nebraska, there aren’t a lot of choices you have when it comes to international watch brands. But if you look closely and do your research, you’d find that there are online stores based on the state that may or may not hold the specific watch that you want. So explore your local watch repository sites!