Top 5 Academic Services and Apps That Will Improve the Quality of Your Writing

Writing a high-quality academic assignment is always a challenge. To succeed, you need more than excellent language skills. Creative thinking, ability to analyze arguments, and express your point of view are also essential. In the face of a deadline, it’s hard to write an academic paper, ensuring correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling. However, the best option that you can do to make sure you can pass your essay assignment on time and with high quality, just buy an essay online by EssayService.

Proofreading helps reduce the number of errors immensely but, unfortunately, does not eliminate them. That’s when editing apps and writing services like come to the rescue. To make sure you avoid all mistakes altogether, outsource your writing tasks. But if you enjoy writing and want to do it yourself, check the tips below.

5 Services That Will Make You a Better Writer

Below is a list of 5 good-natured robots that will surely keep you on track in your writing goals.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of a written text. It can spot spelling, grammar, and style mistakes. It also offers you an alternative vocabulary and even allows checking for plagiarism. As the developers themselves note, the service is able to find ten times more mistakes and inaccuracies than a regular text editor.

Grammarly gives recommendations on proper word choice. It also provides explanations on why a certain construction is better in a given case. Thus, this is not only a grammar check but also an effective mini-lesson. It gives you a chance to learn the most from making mistakes.

Moreover, for your convenience, Grammarly plugins can be installed for Word and your browser. There is a basic version, which is free, and also a premium one. The latter gives you access to 250+ text validation rules and the ability to analyze 30 different writing styles. Additional features will cost you $29.95 a month, $59.95 a quarter, or $139.95 a year.

Grammarly is like an attentive teacher who corrects all your grammatical, punctuation, and lexical errors with scrupulous care and red ink. This service is a great tool on your way to excellent writing skills.

2. Hemingway

Inspired by the iconic writer known for his minimalist storytelling style, Hemingway App guarantees clarity, relevancy, and readability of your texts. Nobody was born a perfect writer. But this service will give you a hand at creating concise and strong texts close to ideal.

Hemingway will spot:

  • Typos;

  • Too long and difficult sentences;

  • Complex constructions that can be simplified;

  • Long words with shorter equivalents;

  • Passive voice that is not always relevant;

  • Loss of logical sequence.

To get your text checked, you just need to copy it to the website and pay attention to the colors, which highlight sentences and words. The service will evaluate the readability of the text and give it a grade.

Regarding pricing, you can use the free online version or download a Hemingway software on your computer. The application will cost you $19.99.

3. EssayPro

EssayPro is another great helper when it comes to writing academic assignments. This service guarantees authentic papers of high quality and is ready to meet any deadline. EssayPro has been in the industry for more than 20 years. They claim to have 1 million completed orders and 400 writers with higher educational degrees.

The service operates as a freelance platform, connecting every customer to a professional writer. A client can choose the writer depending on the price, reviews, and qualifications. Moreover, a customer has a chance to communicate with the freelancer directly to make edits on the spot rather than in a finished order. This significantly increases the user’s satisfaction and level of delivered services. Besides, customer support is available around the clock to assist you.


4. Ginger

This software features a mobile keyboard, a translator, and a checker of punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You can install Ginger as an extension for Safari and Chrome browsers, or as a smartphone application.

Ginger offers a paraphrasing tool that changes the text structure improves it. Besides, a built-in dictionary will help you quickly learn the meaning of a word and suitable synonyms for it. Also, a premium version has links to videos discussing common grammar errors, so you can learn how to avoid them in your future academic papers.

Ginger is free, but it offers a free trial for its premium version. There are three pricing plans for the premium subscription: $29.96 monthly, $41.97 per quarter, or $89.88 annually.

5. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a professional text assistant. The developers position their product as a “grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.”

Using this tool, you can:

  • Remove repetitions;

  • Check the text for spelling and grammatical errors;

  • Identify clichés and replace them with more fitting collocations;

  • Find synonyms;

  • Check the text for plagiarism;

  • Get access to a library of useful resources for writers.

A check is performed in real-time, and the editor will immediately warn you if you are moving in the wrong direction. ProWritingAid will also provide you with recommendations for a specific writing style: general, academic, business, technical, creative, causal, and web.

Another helpful peculiarity of the service is regular reports. ProWritingAid creates an analysis of your text. It’s aimed at helping you understand the mistakes and start writing even better than before. Therefore, this service will be equally useful for bloggers, editors, students, and copywriters.

ProWritingAid has a free online version, where you can check no more than 500 words at a time. A Premium Plus subscription is offered at $70 a year, $100 for two years, $140 for three years, or $240 for unlimited use.

In Conclusion

Academic services and apps are your convenient and reliable virtual assistants. They will always evaluate your material and hone it to perfection. But do not forget that improving your writing skills is hard work, which requires perseverance, patience, and constant practice. Do not be afraid of blank sheets! Now is a perfect time to start writing.