Tips To Improve Branding Through Videos


These days, social media platforms give us a variety of ways to express ourselves through videos. Videos can serve different purposes, to inform, advertise, and entertain. When creating a video to promote your brand, the special effects, audio, and visuals present in the video can help to enhance the connection between the viewer and your brand. Read on to find out from the experts at Videocooks how you can best use videos to engage your audience

Why videos should be used

The videos are versatile and can vary in length, ranging from short six-second videos to hours of documentaries. They may act as a thriller to incite the interest of viewers. Videos can go viral easily today, with the help of social media platforms. Furthermore, videos can be conveniently watched on desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices on the go. Hence, potential customers could browse through your brand’s videos while they are commuting to work or during their free time. After putting up videos, they can be archived for long periods of time so that viewers can go back to them at any given time.

If you are at crossroads and unsure as to whether videos are suitable for your brand, consider if sound and visuals are essential in conveying your message. If your answer is no, you may consider using other means such as written in prose form. Additionally, in the future, you could convert the text into a video to verify the audience’s receptiveness to your brand.

How to use videos

Use videos as a means to provide a perspective or storyline for the audience to relate to your brand. Bear in mind that your aim is to fuel brand awareness and curiosity. For instance, clips of behind-the-scenes features, which cannot be found elsewhere, could be shown to incite interest among viewers. Short films can be used as a form of storytelling as well.

Videos can be used to evoke certain emotions that texts fail to deliver. Instead of presenting facts in a straightforward fashion in videos, one could consider having a panel discussion with relevant individuals who have expertise in a topic. Thus, creating lively and thought-provoking content.

Hurdles to overcome

The rewards of video creation are great in terms of its marketing power. However, there are certain challenges. Video production equipment can be very costly and should be treated as an initial investment.

Apart from the costs, the video landscape is saturated and competitive. As such, it is not recommended for every company to step into the video arena even if they are able to afford it. A video with great qualities does not always translate to brand recognition nor better sales. In order to overcome the challenges, the following tips can be used to create an effective video.

Plan beforehand

Before filming, brainstorm concepts that can speak to your target audience. Think of interesting plots, characters, and ways to incorporate your product or brand into the video. Laying the groundwork will allow you to better understand how the role of videos can bring across your brand, and to envision the types of videos that you should create.

Have the end in mind

Is your purpose for your company’s promotional video to convert new users into using your product? If so, you could embed a hyperlink into the video such that it allows potential users or curious viewers to click on it to be directed to the page where they can purchase your brand’s products. The number of views does not equate to better sales.

Prepare a script

Craft a script for your video and read it once through. Ensure that there is no technical jargon that could confuse your viewers. Opt for simple terms which any layperson can understand with ease. Speaking in short and concise sentences will bring across your points more effectively.

Know your audience

Consider which social media platforms are most commonly used by your target audience and post your videos on those sites. This would maximize your viewership and increase the chances of your videos going viral while reaching out to the appropriate demographics.

Include subtitles or transcripts

Not all automatic transcription services online are reliable. Thus, it would be good to spend time adding subtitles to your video. By doing so, your brand will be more inclusive and able to reach out to the community with hearing impairment. Furthermore, having a transcript will allow people to better understand and guide viewers through your video’s contents.

Include tags

Adding tags or hashtags allow search engines to retrieve your video when users search for it. This boosts the popularity of your videos.

Have a mailing list

Notify your viewers of a new video through email, such that they will not miss out on any of your new video releases. You might also reach out to online influencers who have a steadily increasing fan base and request that they help to promote your company’s videos. As part of a partnership model, you could also sponsor them with your products for them to review, and that their viewers could be introduced to your brand’s products.

Pay attention to engagement data

Engagement data informs you about details of your viewers, such as the demographics, and the percentage that watch the full video. If you notice that your viewer count dips after the first minute of your video, you might consider shortening the introduction. Take reference from each video’s engagement data and make refinements to your subsequent videos in order to tailor your videos according to your viewers’ preference.Conclusion

In conclusion, videos are a helpful tool to improve your branding position. Take your viewers’ demographics and preferences into consideration, and switch up video content from time to time to continue captivating their attention. Include hyperlinks to direct your viewers to the relevant websites to increase their convenience, and to guide them to your desired action plan. For instance, a hyperlink that brings them to sign up for your mailing list. If these tips are followed, you are well on your way to becoming the next popular brand on the Internet.