Tips and Tricks to Study English effectively in Class 7

Class 7 CBSE preparations require a very detailed study of every NCERT textbook or the study material provided from the very grass root. Only then will you be able to move ahead with the difficult levels. English is an important subject for Class 7 that includes lots of chapters and poems for students to understand well and then learn. If we have a look at the present scenario we will find English has lots of importance.

Class 7 English includes four sections: English Grammar, English Literature, English Reading, and English Writing. English is not a very difficult subject but requires proper strategy and investment of time into it.

Here are some tips and tricks for you which can prove helpful in your English preparation

Study your ncert English textbook very well

In Class 7 you will have two English textbooks : Honeycomb and An Alien Hand. When preparing for the Literature section you need to be thorough with your text.Read every chapter at least twice and then go for answering the book work questions.

There are a total of 19 chapters in your main reader book Honeycomb with 10 prose and 9 poems. Have a look below at them


  • Chapter 1- Three Questions
  • Chapter 2- Gift of Chappals
  • Chapter 3- Gopal and the Hilsa Fish
  • Chapter 4-The Ashes that made the tree bloom
  • Chapter 5- Quality
  • Chapter 6- Expert Detective
  • Chapter 7- The invention of WitaVonk
  • Chapter 8- Fire, Friend and Foe
  • Chapter 9- A Bicycle in Good Repair
  • Chapter 10-The Story of Cricket


  • Poem 1-The Squirrel
  • Poem 2-The Rebel
  • Poem 3-The Shed
  • Poem 4-Chivvy
  • Poem 5-Trees
  • Poem 6- Mystery of the talking fan
  • Poem 7- Dad, the Cat and the Tree
  • Poem 8- Meadow Surprises
  • Poem 9-The Garden Snake

The second book is the NCERT Class 7 English Book An Alien Hand. This is the supplementary English book along with the main reader for students to embrace their English speaking and understanding skills. The following are the 10 chapters present in it.

  • Chapter 1-The Tiny Teacher
  • Chapter 2- Bringing up Kari
  • Chapter 3- The Desert
  • Chapter 4- The Cop and the Anthem
  • Chapter 5- Golu grows a Nose
  • Chapter 6- I want Something in the Cage
  • Chapter 7- Chandni
  • Chapter 8- The Story of the Bear
  • Chapter 9- A Tiger in the House
  • Chapter 10- An Alien Hand

Read all the above-listed chapters very well, the questions will be framed only from the book itself or from within the chapter. Questions asked from the literature section are subjective as well as objective that requires students to know their in-depth concepts of the chapters. Always try to present some innovative answers using technical terms like similes, imageries, and metaphors rather than just writing in general.

Preparation of the Reading part

The Reading Section will contain one to two passages with a set of questions asked from the passages. Reading skill is easy to practice, focus more on your pronunciation. There is a lot of English vocabulary whose pronunciation is really very difficult. Focus on it as well as on the spelling. The Reading section will particularly check how attentive you are. The passage given for the reading test can be from anywhere like magazines, novels, storybooks, newspapers. To score a good mark in this section you must have the practice of daily reading some of the other text. Look for some important points in the passage you are reading, words having the same meaning, and most importantly try to locate the central theme of the passage. This way you will surely be able to score high marks in the reading section.

Preparation for the Writing part

The writing section consists of two to three questions generally designed to check how critically and creatively students can draw out their writing style. The question in this section can be asked in the form of essay writing, notice writing, or writing of a report. Students will be marked upon their structuring of the format, style of their writing as well as the tone used to write. To be proficient in this section one must have the practice of daily writing short passages or paragraphs on any topic, make short sentences from any chosen word of your choice, give your views on something through writing, try to write using active voice, avoid making grammatical errors, focus more on sentence correction, practice more on handwriting making it clear and readable, review what you have written and figure out places which need further improvement. Do not try to use advanced words whose meaning you yourself do not know. Keep your writing simple and realistic.

How to improve on the Grammar section

The grammar contains different parts of speech like noun, adverb, adjective, pronoun, conjunctions, interjections, verb. These come with their own rules and conventions for their application such as subject-verb agreement rules, one can only improve on it through practice, practice grammar exercises as much as you can. Go for solving bookworms containing different applications of grammar. The more you explore the more new things you will find.To retain things in grammar better you can go for explaining it to your classmates and ask them to judge you whether you are correct or not. Once you develop a solid foundation in English Grammar you will be able to create your own sentences correctly. Your English Communication skills both for reading and writing will also automatically improve and become more developed.

The more you practice the better you will become

All the four parts under English Reading, Writing, Literature, and Grammar require rigorous practice and it is the only practice that can lead you to the path of excellence. English cannot be studied in a day just before the exams, it requires constant attention to be given at least one hour daily. One must try to solve the previous year’s Class 7 English papers too that will help them in their practice and also make them familiar with part-wise question patterns. You will get an idea about how to manage your writing according to the time. Get your solved papers checked by your English teacher to know where you are still making mistakes and points where you lack. Improve the points you are good at to make them the best.

The above-listed tips will surely benefit you for your English exam preparation. Hoping they will prove helpful for you.