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Do you also agree that modern technology makes our lives better? For all it’s worth it paved the way for smart watches, smart TVS, smartphones amongst other devices that has made our lives easier.

Do you remember when we used to store and retrieve information on CDs? Then we could barely save up to 1 gb of information on 1 disk and yet we had to be careful about handling as it is easily corrupted.

Thankfully, USB gadgets came around in their portable form and have ruled the information storage and retrieval jungle ever since, they can hold as much as 64 gb information.

That’s quite a lot compared to CD’s right? 

Let’s deep dive into the advantages of having a usb gadget.

  • Data security: it is easy to restrict access to data stored on USB gadgets thanks to the latest advancements in technology. These security features help keep your data secured.
  • More durable: flash drives are encased in durable packages which makes them less vulnerable to being broken or other forms of physical damage.
  • Ease of carrying around: These USB devices are very light and are also considerably smaller than other types of data storage devices. This is why it is easy to hold them in pockets, purses. Other storage devices are not as easy to carry around as they are always bulky in size.
  • Big storage space: Nowadays it is common to see usb gadgets that can store up to 64gb data, when compared to traditional storage devices that existed in the past this is a considerable improvement and has made data protection easier for people.
  • Faster transfer speed: Compared to other traditional storage devices, USB gadgets have a transfer rate of more than 4gb per second.
  • Affordable: USB gadgets are quite affordable and are relatively inexpensive considering their use and the durability; they can last for many many years if handled right.
  • Compatibility with Many Devices: Regardless of the type of device you use, your device most likely has at least one port for USB drives. With the development of OTG USB devices, it is now possible to connect them with smartphones.

Do you also know you can use usb gadgets to show appreciation to stakeholders in your businesses or your colleagues at work? Businesses all around the world are now using customized usb devices as promotional items in their businesses. 

So what are the disadvantages of these devices? They are:

  • They can become corruptible if you are using different devices without considering if the computer systems are free of malicious malware. These viruses or malicious programs can corrupt the USB gadgets, and even there is a possibility of data corruption. Once the files stored in your USB flash drive become corrupted, they can’t be used again, as you will not be able to read or write anything on them. Corrupted USB gadgets can also corrupt your computer systems and other devices if you transfer information which are corrupted already from the USB to such devices.
  • They can be easily misplaced due to their small size. This may pose a problem for you especially if you have confidential information stored on the device.
  • Rewrite Limitation: Although this is not a big limitation, for people who tend to rewrite the USB gadget a lot, the number of times they can rewrite the device is estimated to be around 100,000 times.