The Future of Online Gambling – VR Casinos

Gambling is one of the most intriguing ways for people to entertain themselves. It has been attracting fans of all nations and religions for decades. After the beginning of the digital revolution, the industry moved online and further increased its popularity and revenues. Nowadays, more and more users prefer gambling sites in order to relax and have some fun. During the last twenty years, a lot of new features and innovative ideas were implemented in order to follow the player’s needs. But they seem to be endless. So, is the industry ready to take the next big step?

VR technology

Virtual reality technology allows players to enjoy their favorite casino games like European roulette in an artificially designed environment. The simulation puts you in the middle of the action instead of having standard computer interface in front of you. In order to be accomplished, of course, you’ll need the relevant hardware. The headset includes a head-mounted device and headphones. Both of them are vital in order for the user to have the highest possible experience. 

Also, everyone willing to join has to own a high class of computer components. For example, one of the major providers recommends having a machine with at least i-5 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher equivalent video and a minimum of 8GB RAM. 

The leading virtual reality providers are Oculus, HTC and Sony. However, the rising interest in that segment is pushing more companies to join the competition.

VR casinos – Pros and Cons

In 2015 the first VR online casino was launched and since then the development has never stopped. There’re many reasons why iGaming platforms will also eventually re-direct to this niche but there are also a few issues to be solved.

The main reason for many to try this innovation is because of the improved experience. It’s more immersive than ever. In the beginning, you only had the option to sit somewhere and to manage your game through a pair of hand devices. Nowadays, your movement is almost limitless. You can walk around and do whatever you want in a creatively designed simulated world.

And with that comes an opportunity. Since everyone gets access through its own profile, providers can track what players need and change experience according to that. Everyone can get a customized adventure – custom made avatars, different themes and skins available, restriction or allowance of certain features, etc. Actually, it’s a win-win situation because if you’re happy this will prolong your play-time. That will eventually bring higher profits to the companies.

The biggest advantage of each live Arab casino is the opportunity for players to communicate directly with the dealers. VR allows that and brings it to another level. For example, if you wish to play online blackjack but through a live stream, you have to access a room. But if you decide to switch the game you need to exit and re-enter. In the virtual world, you’ll only need to stand and move to the next table. 

Also, you’ll be able to talk face to face with other people – on and off the tables.

Another advantage, mostly for the casinos, is that through VR technology they’ll be able to attract new clients. With competition getting harder and customers’ pool being shorter that’s definitely what they need. If you never tried live casino games before, that innovation can bring your curiosity and make you stay. Plus, it provides an opportunity for gaming websites to offer new free features and bonuses.

Of course, there’re also some problems still to be solved. After the first VR casinos have been launched, initial reviews were not very flattering. Many users experienced delays in gameplay, glitches, system failures in the reproduction of avatars and some others. Undoubtedly that was expected and in the last 3-4 years, software companies did a lot in order to get rid of those problems.

Imperfection isn’t the only issue. A major obstacle to the faster distribution of the new product is its price. Another problem comes with the needed gear. Except for the computer configuration, you’ll still need to buy VR glasses and headphones. Their price can start from a few hundred and reach several thousand dollars. 

On the other hand, it is more costly for iGaming companies to develop and support such websites. And if the outcome isn’t enough they may withhold. All that’s slowing the sector but still there’s an uptrend.

Final Words

Like any other business, online gambling has to evolve. Players get more demanding and if you’re not ready to offer something new and thrilling you might lose them. Virtual reality is probably the next big step. It was announced earlier without success but now the industry seems to be more prepared. The technological level is higher and with the right tool, everything is possible. It might need a little more time but the first successes have already been achieved.