The Current State of Immersive Learning

We live in a world where technologies take up more and more space each day. They offer us new, exciting, and breathtaking experiences, meanwhile allowing us to perform at higher levels and conquer the highest of heights. One of such technologies is immersive learning that covers both distant and in-person education processes.

So what is immersive learning, what are the reasons for its success, and why do educators need to consider the technology’s implementation into their processes? Let’s find answers to these questions with Emerline —  a software development company with hand-on experience in delivering innovative eLearning solutions. This post contains brief yet comprehensive info shared by specialists with vast expertise in immersive learning solution development.

What Is Immersive Learning?

Immersive learning solutions are aimed at deepening and enhancing learning experience with the use of 3D technologies, AR/VR, and AI. In other words, it’s a powerful combination of innovations that allows end users to explore and interact with a virtual environment.

Why Is Immersive Learning So Effective?

If we gather feedback given by companies that utilize immersive learning technologies and their end-users’ comments on the offered experience, it becomes clear that the key drivers for immersive learning success are in the effect of presence, autonomy, gamification, and innovation. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

The Effect of Presence

Studies of immersive learning by psychologists state that among the key factors that contribute to the technology’s effectiveness is the feeling of ‘being there’ defined by students. This factor contributes to better learning outcomes by covering both emotional and cognitive spectors of human nature. It’s even suggested that the effect of presence can be applied to any context of learning, whether virtual or physical, to increase student’s engagement in the process.


In a virtual or augmented reality, a learner acts as a fully autonomous unit. It means that immersive learning gives students an opportunity to develop their own learning paths, build strong ties between the presented material and their own experience, and in this way increase the level of comprehension of the material.


It’s no secret that learning in the form of games has a proven positive impact on how humans acquire new knowledge. Immersive learning solutions are often built with the use of gamification elements, providing end users with the opportunity to increase the level of satisfaction with the process of material studying and achieve better results.


Yes, most of us are hungry for everything new and innovative. So the use of the latest technologies in learning not just take the process up to the next level but also attract more people into it by offering a precious opportunity ‘to take a step (even if it’s a virtual one) into the future’.

What Are The Benefits of Using Immersive Learning in Business?

As you can already understand, there are strong pros for using immersive learning for business. Still, let’s formulate the key ones to give you a clearer picture of how you can benefit from the use of this technology.

Give Your Customers What They Want and Expect

Immersive learning allows reaching several goals at once: place a sharp focus on customer experience, evoke positive emotions in the process of learning, and provide your users with practical solutions.

Speed Up Your Business

One of the key benefits of immersive learning is that it can be applied to various processes. For example, you can take advantage of it to facilitate the design and development of products your company produces by offering immersive learning experiences to your workers.

Let Your Employees Grow

You shouldn’t be a part of the education industry to offer outstanding learning experiences. For example, you can use immersive learning technology to enhance the experience of assimilation of new employees in your company, or to allow them training and polishing some skills. It’s no secret that the more successful your employees are, the higher your business is.

Attract Customers and Talents

There’s severe competition in every market, so to attract and retain customers and quality professionals, companies need to offer something that will make them a preferable option of choice. And here’s where immersive learning can play a huge role, contributing to the modernity of your business image.

For sure, immersive learning has a lot on offer. But, as any other technology, it has to be created with a mind to provide the desired results. And that’s why one of the most crucial things to remember when you decide to take advantage of it is to choose a technology partner capable of delivering a valuable solution. The truth is that trends (and immersive learning is one of the current ones), come and go. But what really matters, is the ability of the delivered system to serve as one of your brightest visit cards even when the trend will go away.