Strategy tips for crypto trading | How to become a good trader?

Currently, many people around the world are aware of the crypto industry, including various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Bitcoin is renowned as the most precious digital coin, and that’s why it has drawn significant attention from investors.

Investors are joining the crypto sector for several reasons. To some, it’s a means for a store of value, while others see it as an alternative for creating an extra income source by buying and selling various cryptocurrencies when their prices fluctuate.

Thus, if you’re intending on joining the market and becoming a successful trader, there are a couple of points you have to understand. For example, how do you start? Can you identify a suitable crypto trading platform? How much are you willing to invest considering the risk factors within the sector?

Anyone can become a trader. However, succeeding in the sector will require much dedication in 

learning the trading strategies, and that’s why you should proceed further reading the article.

Hold your cryptocurrency on a long-term basis

To a large extent, crypto trading on a long-term basis is considered one of the best strategies. You don’t need unique expertise to hold your cryptocurrency, which makes this method pretty easy. So far, many cryptocurrencies have recorded a price momentum.

In general, you need to acquire a cryptocurrency that you believe will increase in value in the future and then hold it for a certain number of years or months. For instance, you can use local currencies such as the US dollar to purchase and hold Bitcoin or Ethereum on crypto trading platforms like Bitcoin Evolution.

However, in this strategy, you don’t have to monitor the crypto price often. In fact, refrain from checking the price here and now since the highly volatile market can lead you to panic-sell. As an alternative, check the crypto price after a couple of months or a particular extended duration, and you can choose to sell if your asset has hit your set targets.

It’s essential to note that since the industry has ups and downs, crypto holding may not appear the best approach. Also, there are no assurances that the value of a digital coin will rise further in years to come. Still, you can’t tell the right moment to purchase because crypto assets fluctuate at a faster rate.

Therefore, you can use cost averaging to enhance your long-term strategies. With cost averaging, you can purchase a fixed dollar amount of a given crypto asset. For instance, when you purchase a Bitcoin at $10,000 and afterward purchase another one at $8,000, you will get $9,000 as the average pay.

One advantage of cost averaging is that your investments are safeguarded in case of a market fall as soon as you purchase crypto. In addition, cost averaging is one of the most suitable methods since it offers protection when prices fluctuate by a large amount and is recommendable if you intend to invest in a bear market.

Nonetheless, it’s a smart decision to conduct an extensive analysis. Research if you plan on investing in any cryptocurrency, which means confirming the purpose of the cryptocurrency in the long run. Also, consider other factors such as the credibility of the underlying team of developers as well as its features.

Start day crypto trading

Unlike long-term holding, day crypto trading is much more distinct in many ways. Day trading will offer you a chance to trade various cryptocurrencies every day, You can also trade more than once during the day on the fluctuating crypto prices.

If you employ the right strategies, day trading can present you an opportunity to generate a substantial profit since cryptocurrency prices surge and plunge at a higher rate. However, day crypto trading comes with some cons and other risk factors because you can record massive losses if you buy a cryptocurrency that is about to plunge. Thus, if you’re day trading, employ strategies such as a stop-loss limit and use a smaller percentage of your capital investment to minimize the risk of loss.

The crypto industry is ever-changing. A cryptocurrency can record 10 percent or less in terms of price fluctuations during the day as there are forces like supply and demand that can impact the market. Many analysts claim that emotions can affect your decision-making when trading. Thus, you should set a clear plan and commit fully. If you’re more successful on the trades, you’re all good to go as your stop-loss strategies will help you reduce the loss factor.

Since the crypto market is ever-recording swift advances, you can likely generate a significant return after trading a couple of times each day. However, avoid hasty trades or attempting excessive trades since you can find yourself having spent a lot of time than you planned out. You can begin by making and handling a few trades and later build up on your transaction volume when you gain your trading confidence.

Scalping method

If you’re looking for a suitable method that is encircled with higher potential while the expected prospects are significant, then scalping appears suitable for you. Although scalping is considered a quicker method, we can’t rule out the various risk factors. Also, you should execute this method on larger market cap cryptocurrencies.

The scalping method will enable you to take advantage of slight fluctuations of a cryptocurrency within a short time interval, like a few minutes. Scalping comes with many merits, such as substantial volatility.

Apart from stable coins such as Tether, you can use the scalping method on various digital coins, especially those trading at a higher market value like Bitcoin.


Although the final decision will fall on you, use various valuable materials to learn more about better crypto trading strategies. Crypto trading is not for the half-hearted. It’s a skill you have to improve every day while committing to other resources such as time or money to become a better trader in the long term.