Spelbolag Utan Licens Guide

Casinos with no license have gained immense popularity in the Swedish gambling industry, particularly after the introduction of internet gambling restrictions.

Sweden has much stricter rules in view of gaming compared to other European countries and many countries worldwide. Although these restrictions were supposed to be canceled by the end of July 2021, the Swedish government has requested an extension of the limitations until the fourteenth of next month.

While these rigorous rules are aimed at irresponsible gamblers, they seem to irritate responsible gamblers who gradually shift toward gaming sites with no license. These impose no slot, deposit, or bonus limitations, hence providing greater pleasure. It is legal for players from Sweden to play at Casinos Without Swedish License.

The guide below will introduce you to these “unlicensed” gaming companies.

What to consider when choosing one?

The first point to consider when choosing a gaming company with no Swedish license is security. Players have to be certain that their privacy isn’t threatened when depositing money or sharing their financial information. Therefore, prior to joining such a website to set up an account, potential players should review the privacy and safety policies.

Established online casino sites provide users with enough evidence that proves their safety and security. Such gaming companies tend to confirm the identity of players, as well as encrypt their information. Additionally, gambling sites should be equipped with an SSL certificate, proving that the website uses HTTPS, not HTTP. HTTPS is a synonym for better security and data protection. Follow this URL, https://www.wikihow.com/Install-an-SSL-Certificate, to learn some ways of installing an SSL certificate.

Another factor to take into account when looking for an online casino with no Swedish license is the availability of deposit alternatives. Plenty of Swedes opt for these casinos due to the absence of deposit limits. In contrast, licensed sites by the Swedish regulatory agency pose restrictions on deposits on a weekly basis.

For instance, the Swedish government decided to set the weekly deposit limit at SEK 5,000, which seems to bother most players. Those casinos with no license issued in Sweden set no deposit limit, meaning players can deposit as much money as they want. They aren’t obliged to abide by the limitations set by Sweden’s government.

As far as payment is concerned, unlicensed gaming companies in Sweden offer various payment alternatives for players to choose from, even Bitcoin. Besides the deposit method, individuals should understand that the withdrawal method is important as well. Otherwise, they might wait for weeks instead of hours or days for the money transfer to complete.

Another indispensable factor to consider when choosing a gaming company with no Swedish license is the bonus offer. The more bonus options a casino offers, the better the odds of players winning. Licensed gaming companies in Sweden are only permitted to offer a single welcoming bonus, nothing more.

Those with no license provide unlimited bonuses to new and loyal players. The bonuses can be given on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. They come in the form of deposit bonuses, free games, free spins, promotions, competitions, etc. In this way, both new and old players are constantly encouraged to keep making deposits, which goes against the regulations of the Swedish government.

Last but not least, potential players should consider the range of games available on the gambling sites. When looking for a spelbolag utan svensk licens, make sure to check the game assortment. The best method to boost your odds of winning is by playing various games, not a single one.

If you have been gambling for a while now, pick a gaming website that offers the games you play. If you are a beginner, choose a site with plenty of games to pick from.

A large selection of games is necessary for retaining the focus of players. Playing the same game all over again disturbs the mood of users and reduces the chances of winning. Gamblers are supposed to experiment with different games to improve their odds of winning.

Why are these casinos so popular?

The soaring popularity of casinos with no Swedish license has been undeniable in recent years. One of the reasons for their popularity is the fact of being open to Swedish citizens. If you happen to be a Swedish citizen, you can gamble at these casinos while fearing no legal consequences. The only thing to consider is tax, as countries located out of Europe charge EU players as many as 30% on winnings over 100 SEK. Those licensed by EU nations require no tax on earnings.

Another reason for the popularity of gaming sites with no license is the elimination of slot limitations. When playing slots at licensed casinos, these games are usually sluggish. Such sluggishness results from the law stipulating that there is supposed to be a three-second wait between spins. The government adopted this law to stimulate individuals to slow down when gambling instead of spinning the wheel repeatedly.

In addition, the three-second wait provides sufficient time for gamblers to reconsider their choices rather than hitting the button again. Nevertheless, this rule seems to irritate users who have no gambling issues but play the slots to unwind. Luckily, on sites with no Swedish license, there is no 3-second rule to ruin the excitement of players.

Another valid reason why these gaming companies have gained so much popularity is the opportunities they offer to users to earn bonuses and free spins. This possibility for players motivates them to keep playing. Also, there are loyalty and VIP programs for players to join and get rewarded for their devotion.

Moreover, the registration process seems to appeal to most individuals, as it’s straightforward and quick. Potential customers aren’t required to submit different documents to register at such websites. There is no need to set up an account to commence playing. In fact, the registration process is eliminated altogether by playing at Pay n Play casinos, where individuals pay directly and start gambling momentarily.

The bottom line

If you gamble responsibly, you can join a casino with no limits and enjoy maximum pleasure!