Software: The Backbone of the Online Gaming Industry ( ソフトウェア。オンラインゲーム業界のバックボーン)

The importance of カジノソフトウェア開発者 cannot be understated in today’s climate. Given the rise of online casinos, especially during the pandemic, it is the software and the quality of games in general that make or break a casino experience.

In this article, our resident expert Narimi Muriyama takes a look at the importance of software in modern, online casinos. To read more from Miriyama, click here!

How is Gambling Treated in Japan?

For a very long time, all private gambling enterprises, whether digital or real-life, were regarded as criminal under the penal law. The Integrated Resort (IR) Promotion Law and the IR Implementation Law, passed and implemented in 2016 and 2018, respectively, allow land-based casinos to operate under the supervision of licensed governing agencies.

However, online gambling is still illegal within Japan’s boundaries. Sports betting, such as horse, bicycle, motorcycle, and motorboat racing, and the sale of lottery tickets, remain the most popular types of gambling. Though there are currently active discussions in Congress about extending the same courtesy to baseball and football, online casinos are sadly absent from the discussion at this moment.

Why Does Software Matter?


Software is the backbone of an online casino’s functionality. Gambling websites would normally establish a licensing arrangement with a casino software company and use their games. So, the next time you want to play baccarat online, keep this in mind: the more baccarat computer software providers, the more matches to choose from. However, it isn’t only about gaming.

When it comes to calculating payments, withdrawing money, playing in promotions, and even calling customer service, the entire program system keeps the casino functioning. In order to enjoy uninterrupted and exciting gameplay, the casino must also be optimized for mobile, with a responsive layout and user interface. There’s also the question of how easy it is to switch between platforms and have a smooth transition within a single-wallet program.

How Does Software Determine a Casino’s Success?

There are many reasons behind this, but in this section, we’ll look at the main ones:

  • Long wait times for cashouts and poor site quality are two of the most common reasons why people abandon an online casino, demonstrating the importance of apps. Operators invest a lot of time, effort, money, and work into developing a perfect software platform that instantly loads matching lobbies, processes payments fast and securely, and allows players to obtain customer service without a hitch.
  • Limited game selection and poor operation on mobile devices would also deter players from visiting the site, and this is where hiring the best programmers becomes extremely important. Casinos may develop their own software in-house or enter into licensing arrangements with game programmers to include their games. The first alternative necessitates a significant investment, hence the majority of casinos outsource their own sports programming to casino software providers.

Small Pond, Big Fish

There is a reason why you will find the same games ad nauseam in many of the most successful casinos: the makers of these games, the really good ones, are in huge demand and sell their product to all the casinos out there who can afford their product.

Not only are the games plentiful in all varieties — from slots to cards and table matches — but they’re also setting industry quality standards and pushing the limits of engineering. Over time, new features have been introduced, and the precision of animations and images has improved, allowing for a really immersive experience.

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital

Online casinos have been keeping up with the times, catering to the needs of die-hard clients with a variety of stations, but there is one business model that will merge all of them into the best trip with the least amount of effort on the client’s part.

The Omnichannel experience encompasses the majority of a casino’s distribution channels, including land-based gambling halls, a website, native mobile apps, and social media platforms. Betting operators are working with an integrated strategy to bring together stations and instruments that the consumer will use to perform with, taking into account the popular need for the differentiation between them.

Casinos are currently cross-launching games for gambling machines, desktop computer platforms, and mobile applications to meet the needs and expectations of customers, particularly millennials, who want to wager using both electronic and brick-and-mortar outlets. These games have proven to be a huge success, exceeding single-channel games by a wide margin.


The world of online casinos is a fascinating place, filled with wonder and entertainment. Now that you know just how big a part the software plays in the industry, you will be able to better appreciate the inner workings of your favorite online casino and make the most of it!