So, Should I Choose Air Suspension or Springrates Coilovers?

Spend any amount of time researching suspension kits and you’ll soon see that there are two main types that are most popular. You’ve got springrates coilovers and air suspension which have both been designed to help provide a smoother ride, however, how do you know which is the best option for your vehicle?

Well, that’s something we aim to answer here, as we look at the subject in a little closer details. What we cover will be brief, but it will touch upon the main differences so that you can decide for yourself. So, if you’re ready, we’ll begin.

Why Choose Air Suspension over Springrates Coilovers?

Essentially, air suspension is comprised of airbags or air springs that are located over each of your vehicle’s wheels. They are often more expensive than springrates coilovers, as they feature an electric compressor which inflates each of the bags until your ride height is at the desired level.

Air suspension comes with lots of benefits, such as the smoothest suspension available and excellent adjustment features. With just a simple tap of a button, you can inflate or deflate each bag or spring to the precise level required. They also offer increased load capacity, which reduces tire wear, rear-end sag and the potential that you might ‘bottom out’.

Why Choose Springrates Coilovers over Air Suspension?

It’s also possible to raise or lower your ride height using springrates coilovers, which allows you to improve your car’s performance, as well as increasing its towing and load capacity. Unlike air suspension, coilovers only utilise springs and as such, aren’t as flexible and adjusting them is quite a bit more complex than a simple button press.

That said, coilovers are known for having higher durability than air suspension kits, which means that they’ll last longer, whilst offering a similar amount of handling, braking and cornering performance. The difference is quite small, with the ideal choice depending on your needs.

Whether It’s Air Suspension or Springrates Coilovers – It’s Your Choice

The right option for you will depend on how much you value convenience. Air suspension offers that, but it comes at a cost of durability. If cost isn’t a prime concern for you, then it would almost certainly be air suspension every time. However, if you want the most amount of benefit for your buck over the long term, it might be that springrates coilovers are your best option.

Another major consideration when making your choice is where you purchase yours from. You want the best, so you would want to try a vendor like Springrates that has the products, the expertise and the customer service to back it all up. Check them out at to find out more.

We really appreciate you reading our blog to the end. It was brief, sure, but it did give you the important info you were looking for. There’s not much between them, but if one matters more than the other to you, you know what to do.