Should I Get a Vanity Number for My Business?

1800-FEDEX, 1800-FLOWERS. Don’t these numbers stand out? Attract your attention a little more than a regular 1800-3346-7485 number? Such numbers are called vanity numbers. Are you wondering if getting a vanity number can boost your business? If you think your current business number is not doing what it needs to, then switching to a vanity number may be an option to consider. Aside from this, if you’re running a business, you also need to familiarize the kind of databases that businesses use.

What Are Vanity Numbers? 

Vanity numbers are virtual phone numbers that use repetition or the insertion of specific words and letters to create an attractive and easy-to-remember number. These numbers could be local, toll free, or 1800 numbers. The point is to either use patterns of digits or spell out a word within your business number. This makes them memorable and they definitely get noticed more than ordinary numbers.

Make Your Number Memorable and Attractive

Companies that opt for a vanity number usually do so because of their quirky personality or to try a different approach to creating an impression in viewers’ minds. You can use letters associated with your brand or numbers that are memorable, such as 866-222-2222 or 855-343-3433. Now, this doesn’t have to be the only number you use. You can have a regular toll free number work alongside your vanity number. This way, you can reap the benefits of both number types.

Using a Vanity Number as a Marketing Tool

You’ll often find such companies displaying or advertising their vanity number on billboards, commercials, social media platforms, and more. This is the best way to increase brand awareness and visibility. If viewers constantly see a certain attractive number associated with your business, they are bound to recognize it more when they look for a service similar to yours. For example, 1800-TAXI-CAB is a vanity number associated with cabs. And so, whenever an individual needs a cab, there’s a better chance that they’ll remember this number instead of one that did not grab their attention.

And so, advertise your vanity number everywhere: business cards on high quality paper, social media accounts, emails, commercials, etc. Soon customers will associate the vanity number with your business and connect with you when a need arises.

Where Can You Get a Vanity Number?

You can get a virtual vanity number from any virtual phone service provider that offers cloud-based communication tools. For example, GlobalCallForwarding is a provider that offers vanity numbers along with other resourceful tools like Call Recording, Outbound Calling, Interactive Voice Response, and more. Also check out these USA Toll Free Numbers as well.

Virtual numbers are a good choice for businesses because they route calls over the internet making it possible to make and answer calls from anywhere in the world and on any device. Additionally, you can forward incoming calls to any number, line, or device as needed. With high call quality and practical communication tools, virtual numbers help you organize calls and connect with customers better.

So, Do You Need a Vanity Number?

Most service providers offer a free trial where you can test a number out and see how it may impact your company. A vanity number can draw more attention to the existence of your company and brand. Use a vanity number alongside your regular business number and track the number and quality of calls coming in to determine which number is more effective. Then, you can make your decision to stick with the number or discard it. There’s no harm in trying different tactics to improve sales now, is there?