Shark Rocket vs. Dyson V8

Dyson v8 is the latest series which is more powerful than the other series. It offers excellent filtration and double runtime. This new model was designed to replace the existing coded cleaner.

It offers better cleaning performance because of its amazing tools designed to clean both the carpets and at floors which makes it better than Dyson v6 and v7. Its only challenge is the price, but it is a fantastic vacuum cleaner.

Shark rocket

Shark has managed to upgrade its cleaning performance because of the door clean technology this vacuum cleaner provides triple particle cleaning which is made possible by the combination of the two brushes it was our many other tools that clean above the floor. It offers mighty suction power. However, it has no storage for tools, and it is a bit noisy.
These two vacuum cleaners are the best in the categories, but we want to compare them so that we can determine which one of the two is better.

Additionally, These two innovative brands have taken the market when it comes to their designs. Possibly shark sourced their inspiration from Dyson when designing the shark rockets. Well, these two are similar in a way in the sense that; both have powered tools for floors and upholstery. Therefore, let us closely look at them so that we can determine which one is better.


Their success is attributed to their common blueprint. They might appear s handheld vacuum cleaners without their long tube attachment. They have high power when it comes to cleaning, and you can attach some other tools to the wand for you to clean areas that are above your height.

Cleaning head

Dyson v8 has the soft roller clean brush and the direct drive cleaning. Dyson v6 first used this toolset, but shark took the idea and made a combination of the two and came up with something unique which they refer to it as Duo clean technology. It combines both the bristles brush and the soft brush which picks both the large and small debris.

However, the shark has LED lights which provides visibility for tracking dirt in dark areas. Therefore, in my expert opinion on this, we have no winner because both have equal capabilities.


Dyson v8 absolute has two washable filters; the post-motor HEPA filter used in trapping allergens and the primary filter. Both filters are brought together by tier radial cyclone technology which enables them to trap even the smallest dust particles. On the other hand shark rotator doesn’t have the HEPA filters. It has two stacked washable foam filters which don’t offer good, especially for asthmatic people. That is why most users will go for Dyson v8 because it provides excellent filtration.

Dustbin capacity

Shark has a larger dustbin capacity which can hold twice as much as Dyson v8. However, both use the same design in dirt collection whereby they rely on gravity by using a trap door at their bases though Dyson has made some improvements on this. Shark rotator seems to own this category.


Dyson has the following attachments:

• Soft dusting brush
• Crevice tool
• Combination tool
• Mini motorized tool
• Direct drive cleaner head
• Soft roller cleaner head

On the other hand, the shark comes with the following tools: clean duo tool, true pet mini motorized tool, under appliance wand, duster crevice, upholstery tool, and dusting brush.

Therefore based on this tools it is evident that Dyson v8 provides more agitation because of the soft roller head and the direct drive. Besides, it has two types of brushes; it has elastic carbon fiber and stiff nylon bristles.

Shark is capable of cleaning the underneath the pieces of furniture very well because of the under appliance wand. However, I still value the tools that Dyson v8 offers I think shark need to make improvements on some of their devices.


Dyson has 100 AW when on max mode whereas shark offers 600-watt motor. Shark seems to provide excellent suction power, but that alone doesn’t make a vacuum cleaner to deliver the best cleaning. It should be able to agitate trapped dirt and dust from the floors and carpets. Dyson v8 has a driver head tool which performs this very well.

Ergonomics and weight

Shark is more massive than Dyson v8 because it has an attachment of extended wand and motorized tool. The good thing with the shark is that you will not have to strain your arm because it uses a slide switch instead of a trigger.


Shark comes with a VIP lifetime warranty whereas Dyson v8 offers a two -year warranty for the vacuum cleaner.

From this comparison, it is clear that the two vacuum cleaners have their similarities and differences.

Well, there have been recent comparative reviews that have been done between Dyson v8 vs. v7. Generally, it seems at the moment Dyson v8 is the best cordless vacuum cleaner in the market. It has attractive features which makes it a better option than Dyson v7. This is not to say that Dyson v7 is not a good vacuum cleaner, but Dyson v8 is more advanced regarding filtration and the runtime. Regarding price you can choose Dyson v7 because it costs effective, you will save close to $60.

Wrap up

It is evident that Dyson v8 is the king of all cordless vacuum cleaners. It offers exemplary performance when it comes to cleaning because of its best-motorized tools. It has an advanced filtration system and a longer runtime which makes it be one of the desired choices for most users. On the other hand, shark seems to have emulated Dyson by combining the bristle, and the soft roller.

It also offers a greater suction power than Dyson v8, but Dyson v8 has a back up of agitating dirt from the surfaces which makes it provide the best cleaning performance. Therefore, in my expert opinion, I still hold onto Dyson v8 because after making a comparison ranging from shark rocket and Dyson v7 it is still the leading cordless vacuum cleaner.