SEO For Higher Conversion Rate- How To Drive Traffic

SEO is one of the best aspects to get prime ranking in search results pages. It helps you to attract more traffic to your site, resulting in better business prospects.

But, what is the connection between SEO and conversion rate? Well, SEO channels the traffic from your targeted audience sector towards your website. This, in turn, helps you gain new possibilities to increase your site’s conversion rate.

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Are you still confused on how SEO helps to increase conversion rate? There are different strategies to obtain the desired conversion rate. Here are a few methods for your reference-

Visual Elements Equal to more Conversion

Humans are visual creatures. People often build a connection with something if they get a visual aspect of it. Therefore, websites with catchy and aesthetically pleasing visual designs and infographics often get better page ranking.

Such sites also attract the visitors’ attention and compel them to stay on your web page for more time. The stay duration of the visitors has a direct link with the conversion rate. If someone stays on a website or page for more than two minutes or even for more than one minute, they will become a subscriber or even a loyal consumer of that site or service.

Moreover, if your visitors stay on your page longer, the page automatically gets some ranking boost and features on a prime rank. Hence, it also boosts your SERP presence in front of your targeted audience.

People like Fast Loading and User-Friendly Pages

Internet users love something easy to use. Therefore, fast web Pages are often preferred by internet users and Google alike. As per Google, the ideal time to load a page on a mobile device is 15 to 22 seconds. Any website, which takes longer than this period, will lose relevance among its audience. In most cases, mobile users usually spend only 10 minutes on page loading or abandoning the page.

With SEO, an organization can make its web page a lightning-fast page that loads within a wink on a mobile device. Such a fast loading pace improves the page rank of the site. On the other hand, due to the fast loading speed of toys, people also spend their time here. As a result, the conversion rate increases with a better curve.

Contents are a Winner

Informative content, especially dynamic ones, can lead to higher conversion rates. Contents which come with proper SEO and keywords are ideal for catering to an audience based on the demographic region. On the other hand, SEO-optimized contents also offer better page rankings. Hence, there is more traffic, leading to more conversions.


Even though conversion rate and SEO do not seem interrelated, they are deeply connected. Proper SEO strategies implemented by top SEO agency London can help any brand to cater to the demands of its targeted audience base, resulting in a higher conversion rate and prime page ranking.