SaaS Marketing – Tips to Empower Your Advertising Approach for Faster Growth!

“I know most people are looking for our “one top tip” or the magical “hack” that got us customers; there really isn’t any one thing. We grew email by email, Skype by Skype, webinar by webinar, and looking back; I can’t distill it down to any one thing.”  – Des Traynor

SaaS is ‘Software as a Service.’ It is an approach to deliver the software to the end customers in the form of a cloud-based application. One can get complete access to SaaS-based applications via the internet.

Its concept is somewhat different from downloadable software, which is restricted to specific registered devices. If you are still wondering what SaaS is, some of the common examples include – Google Mailbox, SalesForce, Facebook, different OTT channels, etc.

Some untold benefits of SaaS explained

1. Cost-effectiveness

Such platforms serve as a fair deal for the end customers. The customer does not have to pay for anything more or less. S/he pays for what they use for a preferred duration. For instance – many SaaS platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime offer their packages for a limited time duration. The user has complete control over the account renewal or cancellation whenever required.

2. Scalability

The overall SaaS environment is flexible to scale based on the business needs and demands. It is easy to scale up or down resources whenever necessary.

3. Easy updates

It upgrades like any other application. The best part is it does not cost the end-user anything while promising the best experience.

4. No boundaries

As it’s a cloud-based application, there are no boundaries or device restrictions to access SaaS. One can get direct access to such software via any device. All it requires is a set of registered credentials, and you are done.

Now let’s get some actionable insights into SaaS and find out how it adds to your marketing effectiveness.

No SaaS platform is complacent with its ongoing growth rate or overall customer churn rate (even at its peak performance times). This makes the SaaS marketing approach different from other types of marketing strategies.

Marketing a SaaS platform

Advertising a SaaS platform in the current market is likely to fall flat due to the competitiveness of different industries. Since almost all SaaS platforms are in love with revenue development mediums and lead generation processes, they are likely to hinge the closing deals based on prices and features compared to selling valuable content.

That’s when it gets essential to learn all SaaS marketing strategies to optimize your platform’s pricing, minimize the chances of customer churn, and grow the number of subscribers. So, the more you use a focused sales pitch, the more customers you see joining a SaaS platform.

Let’s sail through some effective SaaS marketing plans to start rolling the ball.

1. Practice content marketing

Good engaging content is the key to most successful marketing campaigns. SaaS is well-positioned to make maximum use of content marketing and succeed in results. The most potential customers for a SaaS platform are the ones who have been hunting for an online medium meeting all their expectations.

That’s when you make the right use of engaging content, the chances of highlighting your cloud-based solution accelerates effectively. As a result, most SaaS Marketing agencies use content to directly answer customers’ questions or doubts. One of the biggest examples is – exposing the highlighted features of SaaS solutions to grab everyone’s attention.

Try to work on a persona-driven content approach with apt keyword optimization kept in consideration. Also, rather than using a static content writing approach, indulge the latest news and relevant jargon to make content more appealing.

2. Offer FREE trials

You must have heard ‘nothing comes for FREE,’ but you need to think differently when it comes to promoting your SaaS platform. If you see zero interaction with your ‘software as a service channel, offer a FREE trial to your potential customers. This is the right opportunity to highlight SaaS features and make your audience come for them.

This is a part of the SaaS customer engagement strategy. The whole focus should be on highlighting the valuable insights, seamless customer support system, and everything you believe can get you more customers.

3. Work on your PPC campaigns

Do you know your Google ad quality score? If not, you may be wasting money and time on online ad campaigns. Generally, businesses consider a PPC campaign when traditional SEO strategies cannot get promising lead generation results.

PPC campaigns are all about advertising your business on the top search results of Google and other search engines. If you fail to attain desired results from your ad campaign, try a blend of different keywords types, including – long-tail keywords, short-tail, etc. Also, write ad copies using primary and secondary keywords to help it rank faster.

4. Get yourself on SaaS review sites

The internet is loaded with multiple SaaS review sites. That’s when you should realize the importance of registering one of them. This is one of the easiest approaches to ranking high among all SaaS review sites. The secret behind it is, you get highlighted among your potential customers. As a result, you can see a hike in the number of registered users.

5. Referrals 

The referral concept is pretty much hype, especially when it comes to the trending SaaS platforms high on demand. Let your existing customers get the perks of getting more customers on board. This is possible through the referral policy.

Let your existing customers have the liberty of availing themselves of some additional perks or FREE subscription benefits for a limited time. This policy helps to tenfold the market reach while making SaaS successful. All in all, it’s about making your customers, your brand advocates for real.

The final takeaway 

SaaS marketing is one of the crucial segments of the overall marketing domain, especially when considering the current marketing trends. What makes it more challenging and fun is the cut-throat competitiveness in the SaaS platform industry. All platforms come up with a new strategy to engage customers, which accelerates the competition demanding progressive marketing techniques.