Proxy or VPN: Which Side Do You Choose?

Both options are considered the most popular ways to hide your presence on the Internet and cover your digital traces, increasing your security. Apart from that, you may use any of them to access geo-restricted portals, by using USA, Chinese, or Australia proxies, for example. They both were created as links between your real address and the website you want to enter. If you can choose which one you need the most, read the descriptions of these tools below.

Common Features

Proxy servers and VPNs are made to hide the IP address you are using and switch it to the fake one. You can choose the country you want to receive fake IPs from. You can use both of them for searching the information, playing games, watching movies and TV shows, checking and writing emails, or even streaming videos. These services allow you to pick the IP that will be revealed.

Meanwhile, they have different styles of work. It is a mistake to think that VPN is the same service as a proxy. A proxy does not require any installation, while VPN provides a higher level of encryption. You have to find out numerous differences before downloading any of them.

Major Differences

Although both VPN and proxy hide your true identity online, they can be considered equal. Many people still think those are two different names of the same tool. Here are the main differences:

  • A proxy server does not usually require downloading, while VPN needs it. This is why you can simply use proxies in public places, but VPNs are better for private use;
  • VPNs usually encrypt all the traffic, providing a high level of security for anything you do online.Proxy does not encrypt traffic;
  • Usually, proxy is free to use or more affordable than VPN;
  • VPN can work slower than a proxy server, mainly because it encrypts all the traffic and needs the time to do this;
  • A proxy server hides your identity by using the remote machine that links your computer to the Internet. You can consider it a mediator. You may control the use of the Internet by changing proxy settings and restricting access to particular websites.


The question of security is highly important when it comes to making a choice between these two services. Users pick VPN for its encrypted connection. Yet, proxy servers can offer extra protection by connecting you to the secured fake IP. You may raise your own security level by choosing the country or specific IP address you want. Some services offer you optimal addresses you can trust.

 VPN or Proxy

The differences between two services can be lessened depending on the company you choose. There are VPNs that can cost nothing or be affordable, and there are proxies that provide an incredibly high level of security. They both can let you enter censored or geo-blocked portals. In reality, they both have their pros and cons. It is up to you which one you need right now for your work.