Preventing spear-phishing – Why is it critical?

Recently some celebrities, including Zuckerberg, Gates, Trump, Obama, have experienced the phishing attack. The incident has shaken the whole world.

With this, you must guess how advanced and talented the scammers are! That’s why it is crucial to take more advanced initiatives to prevent spear phishing. Verily, it is a little different concept than the typical phishing attack.

The typical phishing attack may be implemented through social media, mobile, emails in many other ways. But the spear-phishing is mostly implemented through the emails.

Moreover, a spear-phishing attack is more challenging to identify than the typical phishing attack. That’s why you need to make sure of preventing spear phishing.

What is spear phishing?

Spear phishing is hacking the electronic communication system of targeted individuals, organizations, or businesses through fraudulent email. The talented, and creative scammer with advanced technology implements the spear phishing. So, the attacking is harder to detect.

Perhaps that’s why phishing is considered more serious and dangerous than the usual scamming method. All, in the end, you must handle the situation of preventing the spear phishing attacks very carefully.

Prevent corporate spear phishing: why is it so hard?

To protect your confidential data, it is very important to recognize and prevent corporate spear phishing. But identifying the spear-phishing is too hard even for an experienced person.

The attacker uses super-fast technology to create an email that almost look-alike the original one. So, it won’t be surprising if you fail to recognize the scams of the spear-phishing attacker. Here are some most common techniques used by the attacker to implement the spear-phishing attack.

  • Sending an email appears from a reputable source and requesting for providing the target’s personal information.
  • Attaches trojan with the email or advertisement when sending it to the target. Consequently, when the target opens the email or ad, all his information directly stores in the attacker’s computer.
  • The scammer adds a link with the email which directs to the clicker a pre-trapped website. Wherein the targeted person is requested to provide all his confidential information.

How to prevent spear phishing?

If you owe a corporate office or business, you have to be more cautious about the confidentiality of your business information. That’s because the failure and success of a corporation mostly depend on its business confidentiality.

You can take the following initiatives to protect your corporation’s information from the spear-phishing attack.

Don’t depend only on traditional security.

The scammer uses the fastest and latest advanced technology to operate the spear-phishing attack. So, it won’t be such a good decision to rely only on traditional security for spear phishing protection.

Utilize artificial intelligence

Utilizing artificial intelligence is the best way of detecting and blocking the spear-phishing attack. It helps to identify the malicious links and attachment so that you can ensure the spear-phishing prevention.

Implementation of employee training

If an organization’s employees are not well-trained, they cannot recognize and take steps against the spear-phishing attack. Businesses frequently experience the attack of spear-phishing.

So, you must make identifying and reporting a spear-phishing attack a part of the employee training program.

Maximize the security of data

Combine your business policies and adopt the latest technology to ensure all your business information’s confidentiality.

Apply the multi-factor authentication

Simply, you can set multiple passwords for spear-phishing attack prevention. Moreover, you can set up a verification code for each time email verification.

How to prevent spear phishing attacks?

  • Change your email password more frequently. Set the confirmation code with the email account that alerts you before each login.
  • Take immediate action when you notice any unauthorized access to your individual or office email account.
  • Use the paid version of the strongest antivirus to prevent the spear phishing attacks.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence and train your employees to use it to ensure higher safety.

The sum up!

Eventually, to prevent spear phishing, you need to identify it first. Importantly, when you’re an owner of an organization, you have a huge responsibility of preventing spear phishing.

Nevertheless, as you know, identifying the spear-phishing is too tough. So, it is your bound duty to ensure proper training for spear phishing prevention and make your organization risk-free.