Pay-TV vs. Streaming services

Pay-TV or cable TV is one of the oldest entertainment providers to their customers. This was introduced a long time back. It existed right from the time there have not been any internet facilities in countries worldwide.

The cable provider is required to gain the customers’ trust and provide them with quality cable services. They were responsible for delivering efficient content to the customers they had made deals with.

Video streaming has become a craze with the enhanced internet facilities among people all over the world. This requires an efficient Wi-Fi or internet connection. Video streaming like Netflix and Amazon Prime is ruling the entertainment market worldwide.

Moreover, some other names can be included in streaming videos like Disney Plus, Binge, Apple TV Plus, etc. You can subscribe to any of these to get efficient access to the fantastic videos streaming on these platforms. Thus, you will be able to access hassle-free and cost-efficient entertainment mediums.

One example of streaming videos is Bravo Telecom online television, providing exciting offers and quality services to their customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of pay-TV

Particular advantages are related to the use of Pay-TV services. Thus the following are some of the benefits of using the same.

  • You can rely on Pay TV to be more stable as they are not dependent on the service of the different internet providers.
  • It does not cause any buffering or lagging.
  • It provides the offer of pay-per-view on the channels required by the customers.

Disadvantages of Pay-TV

There are also several disadvantages of Pay-TV. However, these disadvantages can be listed as follows.

  • It forces you to be in a fixed contract. However, the deal is between the cable service provider and the customers.
  • You cannot access its services out of your home.
  • It allows the offer of only one profile user for a single account.
  • A device such as TV is mandatory for you to install at your home for accessing Pay-TV services. Therefore, it also involves an expense on purchasing of the TV as well as maintenance of the same.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Streaming Videos


The use of streaming videos also has certain benefits, including the following.

  • Streaming videos offers subscriptions at affordable prices.
  • It offers the opportunity of setting up multiple profiles.
  • This will provide the customers with sharing opportunities of the services on different devices.
  • You can watch any programs available in the streaming videos from any place and at any time.
  • Thus these advantages are attracting customers for the services worldwide.


There are certain disadvantages of using streaming videos. Therefore, the following are some of them.

  • It creates enormous disturbances if there is any distraction in the network or internet facilities.
  • Lagging and buffering are severe conditions that affect the process of entertainment among consumers.
  • The service of the streaming videos is highly dependent on the bugs which the devices or networks create.
  • It can limit the contents based on the service provider’s catalog restrictions.

Using pay-TV or streamlining videos have specific differences, advantages, and disadvantages. However, with the growing internet facilities and the demand among people has increased for streaming videos. Therefore, companies offering streaming video services are also growing.

Pay-TV is consistently unable to provide live broadcasts if they are not present in the package. The subscription for streaming video services allows access to live broadcasts easily.

Thus, with the growing internet connectivity worldwide, people prefer streaming video services.