Online Fax Services Pros

If you run a small or large business, you may focus more on growing your business and increasing your sales. You may not have time to focus on faxing.

In fact, some businesses do not use faxing since they think it is not necessary these days. Faxing can help you grow your business and even increase your sales.

Nowadays, you do not have to use conventional fax machines. It is better to use online faxing. You can use the internet to send and receive faxed documents. It is now easy to use faxing due to the changes in technology.

It is affordable to use internet faxing services.

Why Use an Internet Fax Service?

Internet fax services do not use conventional fax machines. They allow their clients to send and receive their faxes on the internet. You can, therefore, use your email account to send faxes to your customers or partners.

You do not need a fax machine to send your faxes. Here are the pros of using online fax services:

1. It is Cheap

Many internet fax services offer a trial period to their new clients. Therefore, you can use test multiple internet fax services before choosing one. If you are happy with their offers and plans, you can pay for one of their plans.

It costs between $10 to $50 monthly to use these services. If you decide to buy a fax machine, however, you are more likely to spend around $150 to $300.

In addition, you will have to pay for electricity consumption, phone lines, maintenance, replacement parts, ink, toner, and paper.

To join an internet fax service provider, you just visit their website and sign up. You will just fill in your payment information and complete a simple form.

Additionally, internet fax service providers offer several fax numbers and they do not charge for the additional fax numbers.

The internet fax service providers charge a small monthly fee for their fax services.

2. Convenience

It is more convenient to use internet fax services. If you get the traditional fax machine, it will take more space in your office. In addition, you will have to spend more time maintaining it.

However, once you join your favorite internet fax service provider, you will just connect to your email account. You do not have to use the traditional fax machine to send your faxes. So, you can send your faxes from anywhere using a fax app.

If you can connect your mobile device to the internet, you can use it to send your faxes. Additionally, you need papers and a fax phone line to send your faxes.

3. It is Secure

If you send your faxes through the internet, nobody can view your faxes. In fact, you can use online faxing to send your sensitive information. No one can see your documents unless they have your password.

However, if you must print out your documents before sending them, anyone can see your documents. In fact, they can take pictures of your documents and share them.

Furthermore, internet fax service providers have built-in encryption systems, such as OpenSSL. It protects the data of their clients. You do not have to use unsecured phone lines because they are not secure.

3. Keep Your Office Organized

If you get several faxes every month, you may have a problem keeping your office clean and organized. In fact, you can easily lose some of your papers. If you use internet faxing, you will never lose your faxes.

It is easy to back up your faxes to the cloud. You can even back up your documents automatically. So, you will always get your documents when you need them.

If you must go through several papers to get an important document, you will get frustrated easily.

It is easy to get the necessary documents with online faxing. You can save your documents on your flash drive or computer.

Digital Signatures

It is important to use faxes because of signatures. It is much better to use faxed signatures than to send your signatures using other means. You can send your personalized digital signatures using online fax services.